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We're a family-run business with 25 years experience and a trusted reputation. We offer a 10-year guarantee on product and labour.

Resin Driveways & Artificial Grass Specialists

We are a Devon-based construction company,​ ​specialising in outdoor home improvements. We’ve been transforming the outdoor spaces of residential and commercial properties across Devon, Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset for over 25 years.

Our core activities are artificial grass installations and resin paving for driveways, paths, patios and many other outdoor spaces.

Because we are a full-service contractor, we also design and install decking, fences, as well as carry out groundwork, general landscaping and construction maintenance contracts.

All our work is completed by our trained and accredited in-house staff, not subcontractors, so you can be confident in the quality of our work and enjoy peace of mind.

We’re family-run, our reputation is built on old-fashioned values like hard work, clear communication and honest pricing.

Whatever the size of your project, we look forward to arranging your free, no obligation quote with our surveyor.

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News From Harbron Home Improvements

Beware the bogus callers claiming to be from Harbron Home Improvements

Monday 17th June 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Beware the bogus landscapers – that’s the message from Harbron Home Improvements boss James Harbron to customers considering their own outdoor transformation project this summer.

 James has been alarmed by several reports of people claiming to represent his company in areas where his team has already carried out improvement schemes.

 He urged people to make sure they check the credentials of any caller who claims to be from Harbron to ensure they don’t become a possible victim of a shoddy and  unprofessional service.

 “We have established an excellent reputation for what we do and I wouldn’t want that tarnished by customers wrongly believing they are dealing with someone from our company,” said James, Managing Director of the Harbron Group.

 “All our staff carry identification and if anyone is in any doubt, they should call our main office number where someone will be able to confirm the identities and give them peace of mind.

 “It is also important that all customers remember to deal with the team leader on their project so they always have a trusted point of contact for any issues that may arise.”

 It is not the first time that James has had to urge customers to exercise caution when  they are looking to hire a landscaping or outdoor transformation company like Harbron Home Improvements.

A number of times recently, his company’s in-house installers have had to put right  shoddy workmanship carried out by other, so called, professional installers.

“Fortunately, the majority of companies who offer the services we do are very capable and reputable. It is only a few that don’t have the same abilities or integrity,” said James.

“For that reason, it is important that people take some time to look into the track record of a company they may be considering for their own project.”

James said that people should avoid those businesses that:

  • Insist on full cash payment upfront
  • Demand part cash payment up front without a written agreement
  • Fail to produce any paperwork or refuse to sign a contract
  • Refuse to give even a rough timescale for a project
  • Don’t have a registered business address
  • Don’t have basic contact details, mobile phone and/or landline, email
  • Aren’t VAT registered
  • Can’t provide written references.

 “Any reputable, professional builder will be more than happy to provide you with examples of previous work, but make sure you can go and view that work and speak to the customers involved, added James.

Swimming pool fence

Monday 10th June 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Swimming Pool Fencing – what are the rules and regulations?


A swimming pool fence is vital to keep your family safe. Here, we explore whether there are also any specific rules around the need for pool fencing.  


A swimming pool can be an amazing addition to any property If you can afford and outdoor pool, it is bound to afford you many hours of pleasure – as long as you get a bit of help from the good old English weather.

But an outdoor swimming pool isn’t just a potentially expensive purchase, it needs a lot of thought, with particular attention paid to the inherent risks it may pose to you and your family.

Young children, in particular, are at risk from any body of water, not just pools, but garden ponds or where rivers may run adjacent to property. That’s why you must do everything you can to protect them.

That’s why fencing is vital component of any outdoor pool project and you ignore it at your peril! A pool left completely open is an accident waiting to happen, and where small children and toddlers are concerned, that can have fatal consequences.


With outdoor pools - think safety first

Unlike a number of countries, such as Australia and USA, where there are laws around safety provision at private swimming pools, there are no similar laws or legislation in the UK. This shouldn’t make any difference though - fencing should still be a priority though. Your family’s safety may depend on it.

Fencing not only protects against accidents, fatal or otherwise, it will still enable you to supervise youngsters. Bow top railings or mesh fencing, which are recommended for, still afford good visibility even if you are some distance away.

Bow top railings are low maintenance and aren’t too intrusive. They offer a good level of security too, as they are difficult to climb over, especially if you are an inquisitive young child who has spotted the outdoor swimming pool and is momentarily out of sight of adults. Mesh fencing is a great deterrent for stopping anyone entering pool area unsupervised, as well as offering good visibility where supervision is required.

The fencing is there to do a job, but you want it to be aesthetically pleasing too. All you need is a four or five foot tall fence to ensure, not only safety but that the view isn’t spoiled either. It is possible to erect fencing that still fits in with the design and look of your garden, as well as ticking health and safety boxes.

You want your fencing to do the job it’s supposed to, so make sure you enlist the services of a professional fencing company or outdoor transformation specialist. They will have experience of a variety of pool fencing projects and can advise and recommend the best course of action and product for every setting.

Harbron can also offer customers a range of other affordable fencing solutions, such as wood, for privacy, security and to enhance the overall aesthetic qualities of your garden, or other outside space. Lap larch, featheredge boards, decorative panel or trellis, there is much to choose from- and all products are pressure treated with 7-25 year guarantees, depending on wood grades. 

You want your outdoor pool to be the ultimate dream addition to your property – not an accident nightmare so always think safety first.




Harbron is also the home of resin pool surrounds

Alongside fencing, another safety factor to consider is ensuring any pool surround you have is slip resistant, as well as non-abrasive. It is not just drowning that poses a risk around pools, serious injuries can be cause through slips and falls.

With its versatile and unique features, resin is now recognised as one of the leading products of choice for outdoors and indoor swimming pool surrounds.

Harbron Home Improvements is the recognised specialist in this field, across Devon and Cornwall; Somerset and Dorset.

Cost effective, with a life expectancy of 25 years if maintained properly, resin pool surrounds are fast to install too.  If the base is safe and structurally sound, resin can usually be laid to many existing surfaces without the need to excavate/or groundworks.

With its even surface with no loose stones. resin bound gravel stays cool too – even in direct sunlight. It’s comfortable and smooth, as well as low maintenance. 

It’s completely flexible as well. You can incorporate patterns, motifs – and even company logos into the design. You can even camouflage unsightly drains and filters with resin so they blend better with their surroundings. 

Harbron Home Improvements also has a 10 year guarantee on all its resin surface products, subject to certain terms and conditions. Harbron is also able to advise on aftercare and maintenance of its resin pool surrounds, as well as its range of other resin surface solutionsdriveways. Patios, pathways, steps and balconies.


Staying safe in and around your outdoor pool

While pool fencing and the slip resistant qualities of resin will help keep your family safe, there are some simple, general tips to follow to ensure they are protected at all times.

Supervise your children while they are in the pool, never leaving them unattended and ensure they learn to swim from the earliest possible age. It is also important that adults are swimmers too. For non-swimmers and very young children always use appropriate life jackets or buoyancy aids.

Keep both children and adults away from drain pipes and fit anti-entrapment devices to combat the danger of getting trapped by the suction action, in and around drain pipes.

Adopt your own set of pool safety rules too and make sure everyone is not only aware of those rules, but they conform to them too. Such rules could include no access to the pool area or water without permission, as well as no diving, running or pushing as these all increase the potential for injury – or much worse.

Don’t allow any eating or drinking near or in the pool and ensure any adults who may have drunk too much alcohol don’t use the pool or supervise others using the pool, particularly children. Make sure there are no electronic devices allowed, either in the pool or the vicinity of the pool area.