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FAQs Artificial Grass

Which artificial grass is the best?

It is really a matter of choice and also what purpose you want to use your artificial grass for. At Harbron Home Improvements we have the expertise to help you choose the right solution for you and your needs

What is artificial grass made from?

Artificial grass is commonly made from polyurethane and polyethylene. Nylon products are also available.

How much artificial grass will I need?

Clearly all gardens are a host of different shapes and sizes, but on average, our installation are somewhere between 50 and 60 sqm.

Which artificial grass is best for dogs?

The tougher the product, the better and the most durable form of artificial grass is nylon. The permeable surface means urine will drain away and faeces can be easily removed too.

Which artificial grass is the most realistic?

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the better quality the grass, the better and more lifelike it looks and feels. Some products will even have strands of brown for an even more realistic effect.

Can artificial grass be laid on soil; does it need underlay?

Of course, but it is best to lay the turf on a base of compacted sand, and to maintain levels equivalent top soil is best removed too.

Can artificial grass be installed over concrete or decking?

Artificial grass can be fitted over a number of different surfaces, but with decking it is best to use a foam underlay as a base

Can artificial grass be driven on?

We wouldn’t recommend it as heavy vehicles will leave imprints and are also likely to rip grass fibres out

How long will artificial grass last?

Highly durable, modern artificial grass solutions can often last up to 20 years, with regular care and maintenance.

How is artificial grass held in place?

Where the grass joins, the edges will need to be seamed, with either tape or adhesive used to attach the pieces. Once the seams are completed, the border edges will be secured most commonly with lawn spikes, a type of nail. For surfaces such as concrete, the grass is usually held in place with glue.

How does artificial grass cope with flooding?

As artificial grass products are permeated, any excess water will seep into the soil that is underneath

What maintenance is needed?

Very little really. A quick brush to get rid of garden debris will also help the pile to keep that natural look with no mowing, watering or weeding

Can you get weeds through artificial grass?

Not through it, but you will get surface weeds where airborne seeds have fallen or if damp leaves are not cleared. A stiff brush or blower will clear any weeds like this.

Is there a guarantee/warranty?

Our artificial grass products are supplied with a 10-year warranty including against UV discolouration. For full details, please see our artificial grass full terms and conditions/ warranties.

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