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Harbron brands score a win double in rugby sponsorship deal

Tuesday 15th October 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The Harbron Group is raising the profile of its brands via a high profile sporting match up.

 The region's leading construction and recruitment specialists have signed a sponsorship deal with rugby team Plymouth Albion.

 The Newton Abbot based company is one of a number of local and regional businesses with a sponsorship tie in with the team.

 But the company has done the double, promoting not one, but two of its business brands.

 The Albion players' shirts feature the logos of both Harbron Home Improvements and that of Harbron People.

 Harbron Home Improvements is one of the South West's leading outdoor transformation and landscaping specialists. It offers a range of services, including resin bound surfaces and artificial grass.

 Harbron People is one of the group's recruitment brands, covering the full range of employment sectors and builds on the success of its other sister company Harbron Recruit.

 This is the well-established specialist recruitment brand, dedicated to the construction sector.

 The group is now hoping its association with Plymouth Albion will bring the club some success on the field and wishes both the players and staff good luck for the rest of the season.

Find out more about Harbron’s trusted range of outdoor transformation services at


Car park surfaces - our complete guide

Tuesday 15th October 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Car park surface options – our complete guide


We weigh up the materials, designs, options and pros and cons of each car park solution.


Whether it’s a residential driveway or a commercial car park, deciding what surface is best can be something of a conundrum.

Clearly, individual taste must play a part. You want something that looks aesthetically pleasing, whether it’s at home or at your business premises.

A great looking driveway in a residential setting adds kerb appeal – and may also add value to your property. At a business premises, clearly you want it to be practical, but if it looks great too, it will certainly enhance the perception of your brand to both existing and potential clients.

Clearly, budget will be a key factor too, for both home and business owners alike – but alongside all these considerations, there is one that is absolutely fundamental.

You want a solution that’s tough and durable, one that’s built to last with minimal maintenance requirements. Spending a little more at the start, may save you a lot further down the line.

So what are the options – and what makes each one worth considering?



A hardy and traditional solution, concrete is tough and long lasting, built to withstand regular traffic use and easy to maintain.

 It is easy to mark out parking bays, making it a great choice for commercial premises and you can choose from a variety of textures and colour options too. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s the greener option too as it is a totally recyclable material.

Cost is a factor though, particularly if you have large commercial premises. Installation is expensive in large settings and it is not a quick option either. Concrete can take up to a week or more to cure so you need to think carefully about how this could impact on your business operations. Bear in mind too that concrete isn’t a permeable surface so drainage/water run off must be factored in. it also fairs well in hot weather, but can be susceptible to damage by extreme cold.  



Gone are the days when Tarmac was restricted to one colour choice, black. Modern developments now mean you can choose from a range of colour options that best suit your environment and/or taste.

Tarmac surfaces are made up of a combination of crushed stone layers bonded together with tar and the main benefits are that it is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. On the negative side though, diesel can damage the surface causing it to dissolve and/or melt, while it is also difficult to combat weed growth where there are gaps in the surface.



Quick and easy to lay and extremely cost effective, gravel still has a big role to play in car park surfaces, particularly if you only have a modest budget to play with. Again, a range of colour and texture choices are available, and it adapts to the contours of a surface quickly and easily.

Gravel is high maintenance though and requires regular weeding, which can soon become a chore if it is covering a particularly large surface. This maintenance requirement is likely to increase as the surface beds down further, so if you have a large car park area to cover, this need to be considered. While there is still something highly aesthetically pleasing about gravel, it requires a lot of upkeep.



Tough and long lasting, as well as low maintenance, asphalt has a lot going for it as a car park surface – particularly as it is also virtually waterproof. With its smooth and clearly defined finish, it looks classy and is also much quicker to lay and use. Whereas concrete can take a week to prove, your asphalt surface is ready to take traffic in two days.

It’s very low maintenance too and easy to repair if it suffers surface damage. On the downside, while asphalt performs well in cold temperatures, the heat can cause it to shrink. It is also more suited to smaller areas, as it has tendency to crack if laid in large areas. It is very important to take into account the size of your parking area when considering asphalt.


Resin bound

It’s the modern car park surface solution that is attracting more and more interest from consumers.

There is a long list of benefits if you opt for resin bound, in which aggregate is mixed with resin to create a smooth and porous surface. Not only is it tough and durable there is a wide range of colours and textures to choose from.

Resin offers great flexibility and versatility, is highly resistant to both cracking and chips, and has excellent anti-slip qualities. It also benefits from UV protection against both colour fade and discolouration and you can even personalise it by incorporating logos/company brands.

Cost effective and quick and easy to lay, resin is a highly low maintenance option too. Just a quick hose down or jet wash occasionally will keep it looking good for many years to come.


Block paving

Bock paving creates a highly aesthetically pleasing finish, making it still one of the most popular choices for a car park surface, particularly in a domestic setting.

They don’t tend to be as costly as traditional finishes like concrete or tarmac, and there many colour options to choose from. Design options are limitless with block paving too. You can mix block sizes, colours and shapes and finish it off with stylish edging.  

On the downside, it does take a bit of time to keep it looking its best, with regular weeding and washing down required. Be careful with a jet washer though, particularly where blocks are a bit loose.


Choose car park surface options from Harbron

As the recognised South West specialist for driveways, Harbron Home Improvements offers the full range of car park solutions – resin bound, tarmac, block paving, gravel and concrete.

Our specialist in-house installation team not only deliver brand new driveway/car park surfaces, we also carry out repairs and extensions to existing surfaces too.

We also have maintenance and aftercare packages available too. We do all the hard work looking after your car park surface, so you don’t have to.

Find out more at or call us on 01626323523.











The benefits of permeable paving.

Monday 7th October 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The benefits of permeable paving.


We look at what it is, why it's good and all the pros and cons.


Climate change. It’s a topic that you could say has never been hotter!

Wherever you look these days, we are being urged to do more to help our planet, be more eco-friendly, choose the sustainable option…recycle to within in an inch of our lives.

It’s a serious business though. Each and every one of us now recognises we all have a part to play in protecting our precious planet for future generations.

If you are in the market for a driveway or paving solutions to enhance your garden, opt for the sustainable choice permeable paving.

What is permeable paving?

Basically, it’s a resin bound surface which allows the water to pass through to drain away naturally beneath. In contrast, more conventional paving will have ‘run-offs’, so the water is directed into an existing drainage system.

The potential problems with this conventional approach are pretty clear. In a country that has more than its fair share of rain. In heavy downpours, drainage systems can get overwhelmed, blocked or clogged and in turn, flooding presents a serious risk.

Flash floods are usually caused by water having nowhere to go when it runs off a surface. Many of our drainage systems were constructed many years ago, without the technical knowledge which is available to us now.

With a permeable surface, the excess water is always draining away into the soil. No flooding risk and eco-friendly all in one.

So that’s the flooding risk dealt with, but what other benefits do permeable paving products offer?


No puddles or pooling

It’s often a familiar sight after a heavy downpour. Pools and puddles have formed on a driveway where a run-off has been poorly installed or has little effect. It’s an issue with conventional surfaces that you don’t get with a modern permeable solution.

When the resin bound surface is laid, it features a network of exit points that allow water to pass through into the soil. The other bonus of this system is that it naturally filters rainwater, removing  any impurities which can reduce the risks of water pollution. More good news for the planet!    


Sustainable and natural materials.

The product itself is good for the planet too. You might be surprised to learn that resin bound solutions are made from recycled and naturally occurring materials, such as natural aggregate, recycled glass or marble…even plant extracts. The grid systems used as part of the installation are sustainable too, made from recycled materials.


Heat reduction

It’s not just about water though. Heat also presents an issue with conventional paving solutions. Surfaces like tarmac or concrete absorb heat and can create potentially damaging hot spots. Permeable paving has the opposite effect as the porous surface allows the soil underneath to breathe and in turn, lower temperatures.


Simple to install

Traditional concrete/tarmac surfaces need a lot of cumbersome, specialised machinery whereas the permeable surface is made up of a grid system which can be quickly and efficiently laid, then filled with the resin bound material. It is easy to cover a large area in a short time, making the installation speedy, as well as simple.


Temporary parking solutions

Certain businesses may need to create temporary parking areas for events or other purposes and then return the area to it previous state. Permeable paving offers the ideal solution. The resin bound grid system can be easily laid on most existing surfaces and then removed afterwards. The resin material installed in the grids can be re-used on other projects


Cost effective

Whereas tarmac and concrete can be expensive to install, requiring a sizeable workforce, permeable paving is much cheaper per square metre and only needs a small installation team. With its porous capabilities, it also negates the need for expensive drainage systems that might need to be installed as part of the project


Tough and durable

Resin bound products are recognised as some of the toughest on the market, easily as durable, if not more, than traditional surfaces. They can take the weight of extremely heavy vehicles and while conventional surfaces can buckle in certain conditions, the permeable surface is more flexible and can move with any changes in soil movement beneath.


Harbron – the home of resin bound, permeable paving solutions

Covering Devon and Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, Harbron Home Improvements are the resin bound driveway and permeable paving specialists.

It’s the complete service. Our team will help you with the design process before the highly professional installation. We also offer customer excellent aftercare with maintenance and repair services.

There’s whole range of colour options to choose from and you can even add company/personal logos to make your design truly unique.


Just look at the benefits of resin bound, permeable paving from Harbron:


  • Cost effective
  • Tougher than tarmac
  • Low maintenance
  • Cracks and chip resistant.
  • No permanent puddles or pooling
  • Stain resistant
  • Reduces weed growth
  • UV protection means no fading or discolouring
  • No planning permission required.


But it’s not just driveways where resin bound, permeable paving solutions offer a powerful modern alternative to traditional products like slabs or decking. With Harbron’s expertise, you can create stunning patio areas, paths and walkways, or maybe you need steps or wheelchair ramps.

If the modern range of resin bound permeable paving products are simply not for you, don’t worry. Here at Harbron we recognise that everyone’s tastes are different and that’s why we offer the complete range of more conventional surfaces.

From concrete to tarmac and gravel to brick/block paving – we have every surface covered and all our products are backed up by a 10 year guarantee      

You can also take the worry out of caring for your resin surface by opting for Harbron’s competitively priced and comprehensive maintenance and repair packages.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of resin bound specialists can offer the complete range of cleaning and care solutions – whether it’s a brand new installation by us or an existing permeable paving surface.


Best pool surrounds

Wednesday 18th September 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The best surfaces for pool surrounds


Check out our complete guide to the best surfaces for your pool surround. We look at the design, the look and of course the important safety aspects to consider.


When you have gone to the expense of a swimming pool for your home, you will want to make sure it is not just the water that looks inviting.

It’s also about getting the pool surround right too so you have a welcoming and relaxing area around the water where family and friends have a space where they can socialize, as well as swim.

But it’s not just about the aesthetics – you will also want to make sure that the area is safe and free from any hazards that could put users at risk of injury, or worse. If you have areas of mold or paving areas that have cracked or broken tiles, these don’t just look awful, they are trip hazards too. 

So whether you are installing a brand new pool or upgrading an existing one, think carefully about the surround, one that combines practicality and style with the all-important safety aspects.  

First, a few things to consider.

Ideally, you want to choose a surface that is non-slip to eliminate the risk of trips and falls, but also smooth and accessible for users.

Think about how easy it will be to maintain. You don’t want to be spending hours on cleaning when you could be enjoying a relaxing dip. Where a pool is outside you will want the surround to be cool underfoot and offering UV protection to prevent discolouring.

It is important to try and create a seamless look too, by hiding drain areas for example, which can also remove another potential trip hazard. Finally, don’t forget to think carefully about colour combinations as it is likely you will want a pool surround area that complements your property’s colour palette and doesn’t clash. 


Pool surrounds – the options


Tiles or paving stones

With a stunning array of colour choices, as well as textures, tiled pool areas have traditionally been the favoured option. You can create a variety or patterns and either use a single colour, or several in combination. Tiles cut to different sizes can also create an interesting and striking finish. Natural stone and slip resistant ceramic tiles are available, but one of the more popular choices is porcelain, which is tough and durable in terms of weather resistance and also has great slip resistant properties.


Concrete surrounds

Another popular and traditional choice for pool surrounds, concrete is slip resistant, as well as tough and durable. It doesn’t have to look bland either with a variety of colour and texture options, many of which can make concrete look like more expensive materials, such as wood, slate or stone.


Composite decking

The increasingly popular, more contemporary solution – composite decking is a viable alternative to the more traditional pool surround options and can create a real stunning, modern look.  Slip and stain resistant, composite decking won’t rot or warp like wood and is resistant to algae and infestation making it a leading contender for your pool surround. Here at Harbron Home Improvements, we offer products from one of the market leaders in this field, Millboard who are putting even conventional composite board in the shade.

Most composite products are a mix of plastic and wood fibres, but Millboard only use timber to make the mould for their decking which is made from tough resin and mineral stone. It is designed to look exactly like wood – but will easily out perform it.   


Resin pool surrounds

Another specialty of Harbron, the versatility and unique features of resin make it one of the most popular choices for outdoors and indoor swimming pool surrounds.

Cost effective, with a 25 year life span, resin pool surrounds are fast to install. As long as the base is safe and structurally sound, it can be laid to many existing surfaces without excavation or groundworks.

Resin bound means a seamless finish too, with no loose stones. What’s more, resin keeps its cool too – even in direct sunlight, so is ideal for bare foot users around the pool.

With a stunning range of colours and textures available you can personalise your design, even incorporating patterns, motifs – and even company logos into the finished surface. It’s the perfect material to camouflage unsightly drains and filters too, making it an ideal choice for pool surrounds.


 Always think pool safety too!

 Whatever your final option for a pool surround is, remember to ensure you make the area as safe as possible for users, particularly young children. It maybe necessary to install gates and fencing as part of your pool area, as well as ensuring surfaces are anti-slip and non-abrasive. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Think about introducing rules for pool users too, so they know what to do to keep themselves as safe as possible. These may include no running, diving or pushing near the water and young children are forbidden from going into the water unsupervised.

For non-swimmers and very young children always use appropriate life jackets or buoyancy aids too. Make sure both adults and children stay well away from drainpipes and fit anti-entrapment devices to stop them getting trapped by suction action.





Artificial grass - and how to care for it

Monday 2nd September 2019 by Anthony Abbott

How to care for and treat your artificial grass


How do you take care of artificial grass? Read our expert artificial grass care tips to ensure the longevity and look of your synthetic lawn. It's simple!


When it comes to landscaping, it’s difficult to beat the look that traditional turf creates. The well-manicured lawn is quintessentially English and is often the centrepiece of every great outdoor space perfectly complementing colourful summer blooms.

But getting that look doesn’t come easy. In fact, it requires a lot of heard work - mowing, weeding regular feeding and treating, it can seem like a full time job.

That’s where artificial grass is a clear winner.

The quality of the modern day artificial grass products means, that nowadays, they look like real grass and they are simple to maintain. It is important to recognise though that doesn’t make them maintenance free.

Yes, artificial lawns don’t need feeding, weeding and watering – but to ensure they always look their best, you will have to put some regular work in. Little and often is the key. Set aside some time once a month to give your artificial grass a good wash and brush up rather than leaving it until the end of the year.

It is important to remember that when your artificial grass is first laid you need to let it settle before doing any kind of maintenance work on it.

Protect the integrity of the grass surface at all times too. Keep heat sources, such as barbeques or bonfires well clear and beware of the damage sharp objects can cause too. Be careful with mirrors and other reflective surfaces too, which could cause sunlight burns to the grass. Heavy vehicles will damage the surface too so keep them well clear.     

Right, now you have all those precautions in place, how do you stay on top of the maintenance requirements? Here’s our guide

Don’t delay picking up the debris

First job, clear up the debris and make sure it stays clear. Any build up of dead plants, leaves or other matter could damage the artificial grass over time particularly if it compromises effective drainage. Keep the surface as clear as you can. It helps to cut back any overhanging plants or hedges to prevent a build-up of debris.

The membrane backing helps to keep weeds out, while letting water in, but some weeds and mosses will prove just too clever for this and will always find a way through.

Removing by hand will clear the surface, but the roots will obviously remain underneath. It is vital therefore that if you use a moss/weedkiller product make sure it is water based so as not to damage the artificial turf.   

Stay on top of stains and other marks.

Tough and durable, modern day artificial grass is highly stain resistant and a good jet wash and brush using hot water with some washing up liquid should be enough to do the trick. Make sure you clean up after pets quickly too, particularly if you have young children, as faeces do present a health risk.

For tougher stains or oil marks make sure you use approved artificial grass cleaning products to avoid the risk of permanent damage. Do not use strong chemicals like bleach on your artificial lawn as this could discolour the surface permanently.


Brush up on your broom skills regularly too

Brushing artificial grass on a regular basis is a great way to keep it looking its best – and a stiff yard brush is best for the job. Make sure you don’t just brush in one direction either otherwise the grass blades will not look their best. Also, remember you may have to brush more often if your lawn gets a lot of traffic, which can typically happen in the summer months when you are using your outdoor space for entertaining.


Choose Harbron artificial grass maintenance packages

Of course, you could let our expert and experienced maintenance team do all the hard work for you.

Artificial grass aftercare from Harbron covers all the necessary maintenance requirements so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your new surface.

Whatever the season, out comprehensive and competitively priced aftercare packages will mean your artificial grass is always looking its best… in the spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Our artificial grass specialists have got it all covered:

  • We clear all water and vegetation from the artificial grassed area disposing of it
  • We do a thorough inspection, looking for signs of wear and tear around joints/edges, and any damage by wildlife
  • Then it’s a thorough deep clean, using weed or moss killer if required before applying a final spray finish
  • Then the surface gets a special ‘brush and blow’ getting the pile into tip top condition.

We suggest an annual maintenance visit, but don’t hesitate to call us in for a quick makeover if you are having a special event like a summer party or a big family barbeque.


Find the right artificial grass product for you

Our Super Six artificial grass range offers different style and length choices, while combining quality and affordability.

Check out our product ranges:

  • Pine Valley 8mm
  • St Andrews 20mm
  • Sawgrass 25mm
  • Pebble Beach 35mm
  • Brabazon 35mm
  • Augusta 38mm



10 year guarantee and product warranty offer complete peace of mind too.

Remember, Harbron Home Improvements offers a 10 year guarantee on artificial grass – and that’s on both the product and labour.

Our artificial grass solutions are of such top quality and durability, with high performance UV protection, that you can expect your artificial grass to last much longer than that.


Wow, what an outdoor transformation!

Friday 30th August 2019 by Anthony Abbott

They say the camera never lies – which is why it’s the best way to capture just what makes an outdoor transformation from Harbron Home Improvements so special.

The company is putting together a selection of just some of its best ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos for a social media promotional campaign entitled – Wow, what a transformation!

These striking photo montages will really capture the transformational powers of Harbron’s talented installation team, as they create the ‘Wow’ factor in a diverse range of outdoor spaces.

Whether it’s decking or artificial grass, fencing or paving, or resin surfaces for driveways, pool surrounds, patios, walkways and pathways – the landscaping options are endless.

Make your garden the kind of entertainment space that will have your neighbours going green with envy!

Choose from Harbron’s extensive artificial grass range, available in a variety of lengths and colours – all backed by a product and labour guarantee of ten years. Just think, no need to mow, weed or seed – and maintenance is simple, just an occasional jet wash and brush.

Get that party patio in traditional timber decking or the more modern composite deck finish. Harbron has soft and hardwood timbers and the very latest hardwearing composite deck boards – again with minimal maintenance

There are budget composite deck solutions, offering cost effective, yet high quality solutions - or go for one of the true market leaders in decking products, the stunning Millboard range, setting new levels of excellence in this ever popular product.  

Look out across social media in September for Harbron’s photo album of ‘before’ and ‘after’ makeovers that will have you planning your very own outdoor transformation.

It will be just too difficult to resist…

TrustMark accredited, Harbron Home Improvements, is the trusted, and highly reputable landscaping specialist in Devon and Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.

One established company brand delivering all the transformational services you need.

Creative paving ideas to inspire

Monday 19th August 2019 by Anthony Abbott

With different textures, designs and materials - add interest to your outdoors. There's never been so much scope for creativity


Get creative with your paving - and give your outdoor space that really individual look.

Traditional paving offers a quick and easy solution to bring pathways, or maybe a patio, to your garden...but why just slap down those slabs without any thought?

With a bit of imagination and creative flair, there are many ways to create paving effects with a real difference.

So here are just a few of our ideas to get the neighbours raving about your paving!


Go circular…

Don’t be a square and go for a traditional paving look with all straight lines. Add some curves and circles to the design. A circular area also makes a great centerpiece to a garden space, maybe for that posh ornamental fountain or a dining area.


Who says one size fits all?

Create a really dynamic look for your paved area by mixing different sizes and shapes of stone, or even different colours. The options are endless and can have really dramatic results if you are feeling particularly bold!


Make a bold move…with a chessboard look!

We are not talking about using just two coloured slabs here either. How dull would that be? It’s got dated 70s patio design written all over it. No, it’s time to get adventurous by not just mixing colours, but materials too. How about combining paving slabs with turf squares? Overlay your existing garden with spaced, square slabs to get the desired effect.

You could even opt for a combination of slabs and artificial grass for that really contemporary look and what’s more, the maintenance will be minimal. No more weeding, mowing or sowing. All your artificial grass and paving slabs will need is a good power wash once in a while.

Don’t forget, there’s no reason why you can’t use your chessboard area for playing chess either. Garden chess pieces of all sizes are available to buy and it will mean great entertainment for adults and children alike on those long hot summer evenings.


Go mosaic!

Yes, go for broke with that amazing fractured look you get from mosaic patterning. Combine different colours, styles and design to create a stunning effect that’s utterly unique. It will feel like you have transported your garden back to Ancient Rome – giving you a great excuse to invite the neighbours round for a toga party or some gladiatorial combat fun and games for the kids.

Go a bit crazy too, because the crazier the paving, the better it can look   



A recycled solution

Who says paving slabs need to be in one piece? One person’s broken slabs are another’s paved oasis. That’s right, you can create a really individual look using bits and pieces of broken slabs. Sound crazy, well it is. In fact, it’s the craziest of crazy paving ideas.

If you think about it, it’s a mosaic, but the pieces are just a bit bigger. Try it. We think you will amazed and delighted with the results and by recycling, you have done your bit for the environment too!


What about the resin option?       

Not everyone is keen on the traditional paved look for patios, paths and walkways though.

If you are looking for a completely different finish for your outdoor transformation project, here at Harbron Home Improvements there is another choice – the resin bound surface.

From driveways to pathways, patios to pool surrounds, steps to wheelchair ramps – Harbron is the South West’s leading resin surface specialist.


Types of resin solutions

There are basically two types of resin surface, the resin bound or the resin bonded surface. The difference between the two is that the resin bound surface is porous with a smoother finish and no loose stones, while the resin bonded surface is non-porous with a finished appearance of loose gravel. 


A resin patio is a fantastic alternative to paving slabs.

Whatever the design, our resin specialists can create an amazing patio space – adding value, as well as enjoyment, to your home.

If you want to breathe new life into tired paved paths and walkways, then consider the resin option. Resin is versatile and our skilled installation team can install steps and/or ramps that perfectly complement your property, as well as being a practical solution.

There’s a while array of colour choices too – and you can personalise your space with different patterns and motifs You can even add company logos for promotional purposes. Use lighter or stronger colours to create the illusion of space, making your resin drive or patio appear bigger. You can even use colours to divide areas into zones, saving on signage.

Tough and durable, resin is also stain resistant and easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.


Maintenance is even easier – with Harbron’s aftercare service.

With a 10 year guarantee and product warranty on all our resin solutions, you can see why it is such a premium product and one we completely trust in.

But if you don’t have the time to keep your surface looking its best, then choose one of our comprehensive and competitively priced maintenance packages.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced resin team offer the full range of cleaning and care solutions – whether it’s a brand new installation by us or an existing surface.

Maintenance Packages cover:

  • Tough exterior coatings for long term protection
  • Pressure washing
  • Patio and Driveway Cleaning
  • Decking sealing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Patch and small areas repairs


Keep your prized resin surface looking its very best for years to come, with the professional and dedicated support of one of the region’s leading resin installers…Harbron Home Improvements.

 Our resin products offer the ultimate in quality and come from one of the UK’s major resin bound suppliers and specialists in resin bonding surfacing.

We only use products that have been carefully sourced and are the premier solution for both successful resin bound and resin bonded installations.  

What is most important in any installation is the quality of the resin bound materials used. Our suppliers have spent many hours carrying out research and development to deliver a resin which it says ‘excels in performance, strength and durability’. 

Such is their confidence in the performance of this high quality resin solution, they offer a lifetime colour lock guarantee








Top tips for creating the perfect summer garden

Monday 5th August 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Helping you to transform your outdoor space into the perfect summer garden with our borders, driveways, landscaping and decking inspiration.


Are you thinking about breathing new life into your garden this summer, a burning ambition to create your own piece of heaven in which to while away those (hopefully) long hot days.

Here Harbron, we firmly believe that the perfect summer garden isn’t just about lush lawns and a kaleidoscope of colourful blooms, although clearly, they have a part to play.

It is also about creating a space where you can relax and entertain, hold barbeques, summer parties, games on the lawn – the kind of things that are equally important to create – great memories!

But before we get to that, let’s see if we can help you with some really eye effective planting, so you have something beautiful to look at all summer long.

Perhaps the most important thing to beat in mind is that some of the best looking gardens have contrasts, a way of creating something different everywhere you look. So think about how you can separate spaces with hedges and bushes of differing heights, as well as planting borers of riotous colour. It will often create the illusion that your garden is bigger than it actually is!

We know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it a bit late to plant for summer, now we are in August? That’s true, which is partly why we wanted to talk to you about our vision of the perfect summer garden using some of the products and services we supply.

But there’s no reason why you can’t start to plan for next year, particularly as you will have a number of jobs to do next Spring if you want to get that blooming wonderful summer look!


What plants to choose?


Mixing colours is really effective, so think lavender mauves with poppy reds and combine different rose species too for the wonderful fragrant smells, as well as appearance. Summer should be time of abundance, as well as colour, so plant your flowers close together.

Frame drab looking driveways with colorful flower borders too and keep the planting low height to accentuate the size of your front garden space, as well as the rear.

Don’t forget to add in some mulch as a weed deterrent and find a space to start your own compost mound, maybe under a bush or tree, to hide it better from general view.

If you are new to gardening, don’t be daunted by the tasks ahead. There’s plenty of help out there too. Staff at your local garden centre will be more than happy to guide you on which plants works best together and what you need to bear in mind when it comes to planting.

Ask about summer blub packs too. Many garden centres and nurseries will combine bulbs of plants species that complement each other that you can get in the ground earlier in the Spring and will flower right through the summer months.

There are plenty of videos offering gardening tips online too and look out for the popular garden shows on TV so you can learn from the experts.

Make space for entertaining


With all these lovely blooms, you will want to make sure you can show them off to your family and friends while enjoying a drink and bite to eat in your wonderful summer garden.

So when you are planning your entertainment area, think carefully about which location gives the best view of all your green-fingered hard work. Next job is to work out what look you want to go for. Are you more traditional? In that case, you may prefer using timber to create decked seating area, complementing it with wooden planters and/or steps and paths.

Maybe you live in a more modern property or just like the way more contemporary products and solutions contrast with the greenery and colourful flowers in a typical summer garden.

Whatever your personal choice, here at Harbron Home Improvements, we have a complete range of solutions that will transform your outdoor space into the summer garden you have always dreamed of.


Timber or Composite Decking  

Whether it’s softwood, hardwood or the very latest composite boards, including the amazing Millboard range, with a lifetime guarantee – Harbron Home Improvements has the high quality decking solution.

If you are looking to create that stunning outdoor space in which to relax and party, decking a recognised alternative to paving and can add a new dimension to muddy and worn grass areas.

We have a comprehensive range of styles and finishes, as well as additional product solutions to really personalise your summer garden space – such as balustrades, post rails, steps, lighting and other accessories.



Resin surfaces       

Harbron is the home of resin solutions for creating tough and durable patio areas. If you want something different to the usual decking or paved patio look, resin is the modern alternative that sets new standards in quality and longevity.

Again, there’s a whole range of colour choices and our resin surfaces aren’t just confined to patios. We are one of the region’s leading specialists for resin driveways, paths, steps, balconies, ramps and pool surrounds.

 A resin patio is a fantastic alternative to that paved look - and you can even personalise your resin surface by mixing patterns and motifs. There is even the option to add branding and/or logos to the surface too.

Low maintenance, yet incredibly tough and hardwearing, resin can create a really unique look to your summer garden space – a look that is as individual as you are.  


Artificial grass


You might be surprised to learn that quite a number of our clients have created seating/patio areas using the very latest artificial grass solutions from Harbron.

But without the mess or mud you get from traditional turf, artificial grass is an extremely viable base for a seating area with a real difference!

All our artificial grass products are made from high quality synthetic fibre, dyed and cut to various lengths. There are styles and to suit all tastes and budgets.

Whatever look you are seeking, our Harbron Super Six artificial grass range starts at the 8mm Pine Valley and goes up to the 38mm Augusta.

There’s no more mowing, weeding or seeding with artificial grass – and it’s both child pet friendly too. It only needs an occasional power wash, to keep it looking its best, making it an ideal solution for a low maintenance seating area.

After, all you want to be spending your time entertaining…not maintaining!

When school's out, it's time to get the outdoor transformation team in!

Wednesday 31st July 2019 by Anthony Abbott

It maybe holiday time, but there’s no chance of a break for Harbron Home Improvements as they gear up for a busy period helping clients landscaping dreams come true.

‘School’s out – so get us in!’ is the message as the outdoor transformation team are ready to breathe new life into tired gardens with Harbron’s range of artificial grass, decking services…and much more.

There are all kinds of landscaping options to make your outdoor space the envy of your neighbours – and the place to be, particularly for those enjoying a ‘staycation’ this summer.

You can keep the kid’s happy, and safe from injury, by using artificial grass solutions in their garden play area to protect them from falls. Meanwhile, create the perfect entertainment area with timber or modern composite decking products to keep the adults happy too!

Harbron’s artificial grass comes in a range of lengths, with a ten year guarantee on both products and labour. There’s no more mowing, seeding or weeding – and its UV protected against colour fade.

For decking, Harbron offer a range of soft and hardwood products for those seeking a traditional look, as well as the modern, and highly popular, composite deck boards for that more contemporary finish.

The company has both budget ranges of composite deck, as well as the very latest products, such as Millboard, which is setting new standards for quality and durability.  

Throughout August, Harbron will be using its social media platforms to put the spotlight on its decking and artificial grass services, as well as its other landscaping solutions, all designed to deliver stunning results.      

By using Harbron Home Improvements, customers have the advantage of choosing one trusted, and highly reputable contractor that can deliver the total project solution - across Devon and Cornwall, as well as Somerset and Dorset.

As well as its range of artificial grass and decking products, Harbron also offer complete resin bound solutions for driveways, pool surrounds, patios, paths and walkways.

Get an outdoor transformation just like the TV lifestyle shows

Monday 15th July 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Outdoor transformations like those often featured on two popular home and garden TV shows are helping to raise the profile of resin surfaces, one of the key services of Harbron Home Improvements.

Renovate Don’t Relocate, with leading property expert Sarah Beeny, has used resin finishes in the past, as part of her new layouts and design ideas helping homeowners give a new lease of life to their existing properties, rather than move.

Resin surfaces have also featured in another hit lifestyle programme, Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh, the popular horticulturist, who travels around the UK with his makeover team, transforming gardens.

Just last week, one of the company’s resin steps projects at the entrance to the Devon Bay Hotel in Ilfracombe was on Channel 5’s popular show The Hotel Inspector (July 11).

The company’s team of resin specialists transformed the existing tiled clad steps with a contemporary, resin bound replacement, using their Golden Beach colour

But is not just resin driveways, walkways and paths, patios, swimming pool surrounds, balconies and wheelchair ramps that Harbron offer.

TV lifestyle programmes often show outdoor projects that feature another two key elements of Harbron’s portfolio of services – decking and artificial grass.

The company, which is an established and respected specialist for outdoor transformations across Devon and Cornwall, Somerset and Devon, offers the complete range of artificial grass products, as well as maintenance and aftercare packages.

They also have a wide selection of both timber and modern composite decking solutions, as well as fencing and other landscaping options.  

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Harbron's resin talents step into the TV spotlight

Friday 12th July 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Harbron Home Improvements’ highly regarded range of resin surface solutions was in the TV spotlight last night (July 11) on Channel 5’s popular show The Hotel Inspector.

Presenter Olga Polizzi visited the Devon Bay Hotel in Ilfracombe where viewers watched, as she tried to help a couple inexperienced in hospitality, cope with a potentially busy summer season.

But the viewers will also have seen another prime example of Harbron’s expertise at the hotel – it’s stunning resin steps!

The company’s team of resin specialists replaced the old, tile clad steps with a contemporary, and more stylish, resin bound finish in the Golden Beach colour range, transforming the hotel entrance.

Harbron Group Managing Director James Harbron said he was very proud to see the quality of the finish and praised the installation team for their highly professional work.

“The old tiled steps were badly in need of replacing and the resin bound look is really classy. It is also a much more practical, as well as durable alternative, as hotel steps like that will get a lot of use in years to come,” said James.

Watch the show now via this link:   

Harbron Home Improvements has a reputation as one of the South West’s leading resin specialists - and it is finish that has a whole host of other applications, not just steps.


The company offers high quality and durable resin products for driveways, walkways and paths, as well as patios, swimming pool surrounds, balconies and wheelchair ramps.

Resin is a much stronger and tougher finish than traditional gravel, tarmac and block paving. It is ten times more durable than tarmac and with the right aftercare, can last 25 years plus.

The porous nature of the resin bound surface also means there’s no puddles or pooling of water either.

What’s more, it’s stain resistant, non-slip and with its UV protection, won’t fade or discolour over time. Maintenance is simple too, with just a regular quick jet wash needed to keep It looking its best.

When it comes to colour and design, the choice is only really restricted by the scope of your imagination.

There is an extensive palette of colours, as well as combinations available and you can even personalise your project with unique patterns, motifs – and even company/personal logos.


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The best decking materials – from the experts

Wednesday 10th July 2019 by Anthony Abbott

What are the different types of materials – and what is best in particular conditions?


Decking is now recognized as the most common alternative to the use of traditional patio/seating area products, such as paving slabs.

Timber decks, and the more modern composite solutions are the favoured choice for those looking to create the perfect garden space for entertaining and spending time as a family.

But what are the best decking materials – and which work best in certain conditions?

Well, like any outdoor improvement scheme you want to bring to your garden, it’s got to be something you want. There is little point in choosing a product that may have better qualities if you don’t actually like the look it creates.

At the end of the day, you have got to have something that fits in perfectly with your tastes…never compromise the need for individual choice!

There are other factors you will want to consider too. You will probably be working to budget and also looking for something that has longevity. We all lead busy lives too, so ease of maintenance maybe key to your final choice too.

Don’t rush into a decision. Take some to weigh up the positives and negatives of each product. It is good idea to sit down with a piece of paper and, for each decking product, write down the plusses and the minuses of each. It could really help you make your final decisions.

Get the opinions of your friends too, well the ones with good taste! It is also a good idea to find out what the rest of your family like. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money on a stunning new decking area, if you are the only person using it!!

So, let’s see how our two contemporary decking adversaries face off – and which is likely to come out on top.


The case for timber…


Let’s start with budget. Timber does offer a more cost effective solution over its composite and PVCu rival, but ultimately the actual cost will depend on what type of timber you want to use.

Unsurprisingly, while softwood products are cheaper, they aren’t as durable as hardwood.

Remember that maintenance factor too. Wood, by its very nature, needs looking after with regular treatment using stains, oils, preservatives. Hardwood is tougher, but it doesn’t matter what wood you opt for, completely neglect a timber deck and it will eventually rot and crack.

That means you may have another costly outlay for a new deck! With the right level of care, some timber deck solutions can last up to 25 years – and sometimes longer. It really depends if you have both the time, and the inclination, to maintain it.

 It should be said though that modern timber products are improving all the time to better compete with their contemporary composite rivals. Wood too, arguably, looks more natural in garden surroundings although there is an increasing number of composite products coming to market that look just like timber.

Timber also looks great when it’s used to create steps and/or walkways, as well as for a seating areas, as it blends in well and provides a great contrast to the rich greenery of lawn areas and foliage.

Wood decks do present a slip hazard too. To help combat this, pressure washing to remove algae can help, but too much washing can cause timber to deteriorate at a faster rate. There are also products on the market that can create a better grip to the surface, small inobtrusive aluminum inserts fitted into the deck.


The case for composite/PVCu…


If you want a tough, hardwearing decking solution that requires minimal maintenance, yet still has a life span of 20 to 30 years – and more, then composite could just be the product for you.

In this contest, it’s definitely the heavyweight contender, although hard wood products are punching in a similar category.

Composite won’t crack, rot or warp, has great non-slip properties and you won’t need to be reaching for the oils, stains and preservatives…ever. Just the occasional wash down will keep it looking great. No sanding, no sealing, the advantages just go on and on.

Boards also come in a range of colours and finishes, whereas with wood, you have to put plenty of hard work in if you want to change its colour!

The PVCu alternatives often come in cheaper than timber too, but don’t have the same visual appeal as timber. But as we have already indicated, there are many composite brand that look so much like timber, it is difficult to tell the difference unless you look close up.

Where the modern composite products perhaps work best, is in a more contemporary setting, but if it is the traditional look and feel you are seeking to achieve, then timber decking is probably the winner for you.


Millboard composite decking – is it in a class of its own?


Alongside more cost effective composite solutions, Harbron Home Improvements work with the Millboard range of composite products that have raised the bar for quality and durability.

But what makes the Millboard composite deck so good?

The main reason lies in the manufacturing technique. While extrusion techniques are used to form most composite boards, Millboard’s team of experts hand mould the deck from original timber. It retains the appearance of wood and can be hand coloured at the same time.

The materials used in the construction are quite different to those that make up other composite products. Instead of a combination of wood fibres and plastic, Millboard uses mineral stone with a unique resin mineral.

There’s no rotting or warping, and the Millboard deck is also damp free. It also won’t fall victim to insect infestation either. What’ also perhaps surprising, is that despite its touch composition, the Millboard deck is also remarkable easy to cut, as well as shape. It doesn’t even require predrilling for fixings.

What’s more its environmentally friendly do, so you will be doing your bit for the plant is you choose Millboard composite decking boards.


Choose Harbron for Millboard composite – and other, more cost effective composite decking solutions.

The in-house decking installation team at Harbron Home Improvements has completed a specialist, advanced training course with Millboard – so you can trust in their knowledge and expertise if you choose this premium product for your decking project.

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