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Artificial grass aftercare to make the neighbours green with envy!

Monday 4th March 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Comprehensive and cost effective maintenance packages for artificial grass aftercare are available from Harbron Home Improvements.

Such is the quality of the company’s award winning product range that very little upkeep is required.

But increasing numbers of customers are trusting in Harbron’s team of experts to keep their new artificial grass looking its very best - all year round!

It’s why Habron Home Improvements has established itself as the South West’s leading artificial grass installers and outdoor transformation specialists.

Harbron’s artificial grass maintenance packages build on the company’s commitment to offering great value for money, as well as peace of mind.

Every aspect of maintenance is covered in the aftercare packages, which are delivered by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Harbron recommend an annual visit to keep your grass looking its very best…and making your neighbours green with envy!

First the team clear water and vegetation from your grassed area, disposing of it before carrying out a full and detailed inspection. This is to check for any signs of wear and tear or possible wildlife damage.

After the inspection, the grass gets a deep clean using weed or moss killer if required before the area gets a thorough spray finish. Finally the team carry out a ‘brush and blow’ designed to get the ‘grass’ pile into peak condition.

Remember, an annual maintenance visit is all you should need, but if you are having a special event we can give your grass a quick makeover to ensure it’s looking its absolute best!    

Don’t forget that Harbron Home Improvements also guarantees both its artificial grass products and labour for 10 years. 

Find out more details on the Harbron Super Six range of grasses at

Award winning artificial grass to create your own garden show

Wednesday 20th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Harbron Home Improvements offer a state of the art range of artificial grass products that are setting new standards in quality and durability.

With a 100 per cent premium quality guarantee, these multiple award winning solutions look and feel just like the real thing and are suitable for a whole host of applications.

Manufactured to the highest of industry standards, artificial grass displays regularly take the honours at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Now Harbron Home Improvements can help customers transform their outdoor spaces into a show stopping garden of their own with a range of luxurious artificial grass.

From lawns to sports pitches, children’s play areas to pet friendly gardens and balconies and roof terraces to courtyards – we have a perfect artificial grass for any location from short 8mm length grass to our luxurious best seller ‘Pebble Beach’ at 35mm. 

At Harbron Home Improvements, we know that it’s important to offer great peace of mind too – that’s why we guarantee both our artificial grass products and labour for 10 years. 

No more mowing, seeding or weeding – and UV protected against fading, choose the artificial grass that looks great all year round.

All artificial grass solutions from Harbron Home Improvements need minimal maintenance, but Harbron can even handle all the upkeep for you via our comprehensive and competitively priced maintenance packages.

We recommend a once a year visit, but if you have a special garden party planned we can give your grass a quick makeover too so it is looking its absolute best!    

Check out the Harbron Super Six range of grasses- designed to suit all budgets without compromising on quality

Why resin is the right route for your driveway and paths

Monday 18th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

More and more customers are choosing resin surface solutions from Harbron Home Improvements for a host of outdoor transformation works.

As one of the South West’s leading resin specialists, Harbron offers high quality and durable resin products for driveways, walkway and paths, as well as patios, swimming pool surrounds, balconies, steps and wheelchair ramps.

 But what makes the resin alternative to more traditional gravel and tarmac so good? The first thing to bear in mind is its durability and this is a key selling point of resin.

 It is ten times more durable than tarmac and all Harbron’s resin surfaces come with a 10 year guarantee. With modern resin technology and the right aftercare, it can last more than 25 years.

It’s a surface that won’t crack or chip and there are no unsightly puddles or pooling of water either with a resin bound porous surface.

It is stain resistant, non-slip and with its UV protection, won’t fade or discolour over time. It’s very low maintenance too, with just a regular quick jet wash required to keep it clean. 

With tarmac and gravel, you are limited in colour and design – but not with resin.

There is a whole array of both colours and combinations available, so you can truly personalise your project with unique patterns, motifs – and even company/personal logos.

It means you can use lighter or stronger colours to create the illusion of space, making your resin drive or patio appear bigger. You can even use colours to divide areas into zones, saving on signage.

Why choose Harbron for your resin surface? Well, what started life as a family groundworks specialist has grown into a full-service construction company, offering complete design, installation, repair and maintenance across the widest possible range of home improvement solutions.

Harbron is a recognised specialist across Devon and Cornwall and into Somerset and Dorset for resin bound driveways, patios, pathways, steps, pool surrounds and balconies. 

Whatever the job, whatever the size, whatever the surface – Harbron Home Improvements is all about giving your property kerb appeal…and helping you to become the envy of your neighbours!

Wood v Composite - How do the decking choices stack up?

Tuesday 5th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

In the decking popularity stakes, it’s a straight fight between timber and composite solutions.

But which one comes out on top?

Well, like many lifestyle options, it is often a matter of individual choice, a personal preference. Making that final choice is usually based on a number of factors too – budget, maintenance requirements and product lifespan are among the main considerations.

It’s about weighing up all the pros and cons of both - and as Harbron Home Improvements is a recognised specialist decking company, offering both wood and composite solutions…we’re here to help you choose.

So let’s see how both decks stack up.

The cost of timber decking will depend on what type of timber you go for with softwood a lot cheaper than hardwood solutions, which will have a price tag more akin to composite products.

Remember, timber needs treatment and care using oils/stains, but if you are prepared to put in the upkeep, a well maintained deck can last a lifetime. Neglect it, and it will fall victim to rot and fungus.  

That’s where composite has a really big advantage. With a lifespan of 20 to 30 years on average, modern composite requires very little maintenance, other than a regular wash down. It has non-slip properties, unlike timber and won’t rot, crack or warp either.

It also requires no specific treatments like timber does and comes in a range of colours and finishes. There are fewer options in terms of colour finishes for wood, unless you are prepared to put in the effort and stain/paint the deck yourself.

In the final analysis, if you want a tough and durable, non-slip deck with minimal maintenance, choose a composite or if it’s a more natural/traditional look you’re after and are prepared to keep it looking its best, go for timber.

But before you make that all important decision, you may want to explore the difference Millboard Decking offers over other composite solutions…as it just might make you think again!

Unlike most conventional composite deck, which is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral to set a new standard in product strength and durability. 

Also, while many composite products on the market are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s craftsmen hand mould their decking from original timber and then hand colour it. This gives the finished product a far greater authenticity of wood finish.

Harbron Home Improvements is delighted to offer this market leading composite range and has put its installers through Millboard’s advanced design and installation course.

 Find out more about Harbron Home Improvements outdoor transformation solutions at

Has an outdoor transformation from Harbron got you dreaming?

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 by Anthony Abbott

We dream the same dream – that’s the message from Harbron Home Improvements who have hit the airwaves to showcase the scope of their outdoor transformation solutions. 

The current Heart Radio campaign is putting the spotlight on the full range of the Newton Abbot based company’s services and the transformational potential they have for outdoor spaces, large or small

Powerful before and after photos are also being used in associated online and print promotions with the same ‘we dream the same dream’ message – and a promise Harbron the bring your dreams to life.

Company Managing Director James Harbron is confident the promotional campaign will have a powerful effect with Spring just around the corner.

“It won’t be long before we are all back enjoying the beauty and versatility of our own outdoor spaces, but if yours is badly in need of a transformation, then you need to think about doing it soon,” said James.

“The advantage of using Harbron Home Improvements is that we have the full range of outdoor services – the complete project solution delivered by one trusted, professional contractor.”

Harbron Home Improvements are established and respected specialists in garden transformation across Devon and Cornwall and into Somerset and Dorset.

The company specialises in resin driveways and artificial grass, as well as composite/timber decking and complete fencing solutions, for both residential and commercial customers.

 It’s installation team are fully trained in fitting composite decking products from Millboard, one of the leading UK companies in the sector Millboard’s composite decking has significant edge on conventional composite products in terms of quality and durability.

What makes it so special is the quality of the materials and the company’s hand moulding expertise in the manufacturing process.

Unlike many composite products which are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s decking is hand moulded from original timber and then hand coloured. It means far greater authenticity in terms of its wood finish.

It’s tough and durable too. Most conventional deck is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, but Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral. It also means it won’t rot or warp and is free from dampness and insect infestation.

Harbron urges customers looking for a resin installer to tread carefully

Wednesday 16th January 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The managing director of outdoor transformation specialists Harbron Home Improvements has urged customers looking for a resin path or driveway installer to exercise extreme caution.

James Harbron said his company’s in-house installation team have been hired by a number of clients recently to put right poor workmanship carried out by other installers.

Issues that can arise are shown in the photos. The top two are of a driveway without protection against UV and the bottom two, where the resin has been incorrectly mixed. 

“There are many highly proficient specialists working with resin products across the region who, like us, take great pride in completing a professional finish to the highest of specifications,” said James.

“As with any service though, there are a minority who give their trade a bad name, so it is worth taking a little time and doing some research into those companies people are considering for their project.”

James said that there were a number of simple checks people can do to root out those builders it is best to avoid, and one of the main alarm bells is those who insist on cash payment, or part cash payment up front.

Paying cash for the whole project will mean no comeback if the work is of a poor quality or if the builder fails to complete it. Payment should only be made once the job has been satisfactorily completed and if the work requires payment of instalments, this must be agreed in advance - and in writing.

Also, avoid those builders who refuse to sign a contract agreement or produce any paperwork and those who refuse to agree even a basic timescale for the work. Any reputable and experienced builder will know roughly how long a project is likely to take.   

It is also important to check that a builder is also VAT registered as any company taking on large projects must be. Check for a registered business address too, as well as at least a mobile telephone number, so you have a point of contact if something goes wrong.

“Any professional builder with an established reputation will be also able to provide you with written references too, and make sure you check them thoroughly,” said James.

“Ask to speak to those customers they have previously done work for too and go and view that work if possible. Recommendation is still a highly effective way of finding the best in any business.”        

Harbron is branching out into tree and hedge works

Wednesday 19th December 2018 by Anthony Abbott

Outdoor transformation specialists Harbron Home Improvements have launched another key service – tree works and hedge trimming.

The service will be delivered in-house by the company’s own team of operatives, who are all fully trained in a variety of tree and hedge disciplines.

Harbron Home Improvements is fully accredited by the National Proficiency Tests Council (NPTC) and Lantra, the leading award body for land based industries in the UK.

The Newton Abbot based company – which is already a recognised specialist for resin driveways and artificial grass - also has all the relevant licences for the necessary tree works machinery.

This includes cranes for large tree removal, stump grinding equipment, cherry pickers and wood chippers.

“Clearly tree and hedge maintenance is an integral part of garden management and will complement our existing landscaping and other outdoor building services,” said James Harbron, Managing Director of the Harbron Group.

 “It is all part of our focus on offering the very best and most complete range of outdoor transformation solutions for both residential and commercial clients.”

The tree works division will be offering a range of comprehensive and cost effective services to include tree felling, sectional removal, crown reduction/reshaping and pruning.

Hedge pruning and trimming will also be a key element of the division’s work. Regular hedge maintenance will ensure diseased areas are removed to promote new growth, as well as any large branches/limbs posing a hazard.The specialist hedge trimming work will enable customers to maintain their privacy too, by encouraging the centre of the hedge to fill out .

“It is also worth bearing in mind that keeping hedges neatly trimmed, as well as trees shaped and under control, can potentially add value to your home. It will certainly make your home more appealing to buyers,” added James.  

Harbron acquisition proves that the power of advertising still matters

Wednesday 19th December 2018 by Anthony Abbott

Senior management at construction specialist the Harbron Group were so impressed with the response they got from advertising in a Devon based magazine series - they bought the company.

Publishing marks quite a departure for the family owned, independent building business, which runs Harbron Home Improvements, and its sister company Harbron Recruit, a specialist construction recruitment firm. 

A key part of the new owners’ immediate plans is to expand the bi-monthly magazine, which already has a new in-house distribution team.     

A Brixham Matters has been added to the existing titles in the group, which covers Torbay, South Devon and even into Somerset.

There will also be an increase in the number of copies of each magazine and more pages too, as businesses harness the power of a more traditional form of local advertising.

James Harbron, Managing Director of the Harbron Group, is delighted with the acquisition.

“I think it surprised everyone here at the business the level of response we received from our own advertisements in Devon Matters and it just so happened that also coincided with an opportunity to purchase the company,” said James.

“In a digital age where social media and online marketing are increasingly the norm, it’s quite refreshing to see that there is still a place for a more traditional, localised approach to advertising and promotion.” 

With more than 15 years of experience in the business, Devon Matters has become a respected and reputable publishing house and now staff are all looking forward to forging ahead with the development plans.

 Brixham Matters joins the other members of the Matters family, Bovey Matters, Cockington and Chelston Matters, Highweek Matters, Kingsteignton and Chudleigh Matters, Preston and Marldon Matters, St Marychurch and Babbacombe Matters, Teignmouth and Dawlish Matters and Wells Matters.

It’s not just the size of the print stable at Devon Matters though - the statistics make for impressive reading too with 5,000 copy circulation in each area, the magazines reach 40,000 homes and 4,000 businesses.

Hundreds of local businesses, councils, charities, schools, colleges sports/leisure clubs are already taking advantage of Devon Matters quality artwork design and competitive advertising rates, while the company also offers a bespoke, door to door leaflet distribution service.   

Advanced training for Harbron's composite decking team

Wednesday 19th December 2018 by Anthony Abbott

In-house fitting teams delivering Harbron Home Improvements new composite decking services have completed specialist training with one of the UK leaders in the product.

Millboard put the company’s installers through their paces on an advanced design and installation course of its composite decking range, which is setting new standards in excellence.

Already specialists in resin driveways and artificial grass, it will enable Newton Abbot based Harbron Home Improvements to add yet another premium services to its range of outdoor transformation solutions, for both residential and commercial customers.

James Harbron, Managing Director of the Harbron Group, said that Millboard’s composite decking has the edge on conventional composite products in terms of quality and durability.

“It really is an excellent product range and one we are delighted to be associated with,” said James.

“Now that our in-house installation have completed Millboard’s exacting training course, we are ready to bring a new level of knowledge and expertise to this product for the benefit of all our customers.”

What makes Millboard composite decking special is the quality of the materials and the company’s hand moulding expertise in the manufacturing process.

While many composite products are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s craftsmen hand mould the deck from original timber and then hand colour it. This gives the finished product a far greater authenticity in terms of its wood finish.

Materials used are very different too. Unlike most conventional deck, which is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral.

It means a decking board that is both extremely strong and very durable. It won’t rot or warp and is free from damp and insect infestation. Despite its tough composition, the decking is also easy to cut and shape – and no pre-drilling is required for the fixings either.

With an extensive range of colour choices and different finishes, Harbron Home Improvements can help customers to transform their outdoor space with a product that’s stylish, yet tough enough to withstand the elements all year round.

Another busy week!

Wednesday 28th November 2018 by Customer Service

It's been another crazy busy week at Harbron Home Improvements, the Southwest's leading home improvements company! With up to 4 jobs being completed each week, the team are working flat out! We are now taking bookings for November and December 2017 with some fantastic offers available.

Our Showroom & Design Suite is open Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Please do not hesitate to pop by, we'll be delighted to welcome you with a coffee or tea and discuss all the options available to you without any obligation to buy.

Looking for a professional decking installer?

Thursday 1st November 2018 by Customer Service

Looking for a professional decking installer? Alongside our Resin and Astro sectors we also have a skilled team of decking fitters, for more information about our extensive range of services visit:

Make sure you choose the right supplier when choosing Resin!

Saturday 6th October 2018 by Customer Service

Make sure you choose the right supplier when choosing Resin!

Sad to say but our team is pulling up and laying another poorly laid drive!

The installation of Resin is an extremely skilled process, our team of in house installers have been trained to the highest possible standards. It is important that Resin is mixed and laid correctly to ensure its integrity which is why Harbron Home Improvements guarantee all Resin work for 10 years.

Harbron Home Improvements are being asked to repair or replace more and more poorly laid Resin installations and Encourage anyone interested in the product to carefully check and research there installers before work is carried out.

- Does your installer have a reputable installation team?

- Have you visited your installers showroom / previous work ?

- Do they have genuine good customer reviews?

- Do they guarantee their work? 

 If you are in any doubt about your current installer call Harbron Home Improvements and our friendly Customer service team will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.