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Another satisfied customer of Harbron's transformational powers!

Monday 20th May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Many customers who have chosen the outdoor transformation talents of Harbron Home Improvements have been quick to praise the quality of the company’s work.

As one of the South West’s leading landscaping professionals, specialising in resin and artificial grass solutions, Harbron always strives to not only meet, but exceed client expectation.

Reviews from customers who have hired Harbron to carry out a variety of landscaping projects show that they are delighted with the results.

Lauren Sparkes of Torquay highly recommends Harbron and gave the company five stars.

“We have recently had Astro turf and a whole new patio installed by Harbron Home Improvements, looks amazing, so happy with my garden now! Our garden has been transformed!,” said Lauren. 

Danny McClure of Newton Abbot agrees and described Harbron as a ‘great company’. He is delighted with his artificial turf too.

“The guys were great, from helping me select the right turf to install. The install ran smoothly and the finish is superb,” said Danny.

“Very friendly and professional and cannot recommend the company enough! As for the turf it has been down a year and is by far the best improvement I have made to my home. Anyone thinking of astro, do it!”

Erica Power of Dawlish was full of praise too and made sure she kept the team well fuelled.

She said: “Great team, very friendly, good laugh, drink a lot of coffee, but work really hard. Oh and they love CAKE!!! Thanks lads for a great job.

 Harbron delivers ‘brilliant customer service, according to Anne Doidge, who said her resin driveway ‘ looks absolutely fantastic.’

 “Excellent company. Very friendly, professional and reasonable. Nothing was too much trouble. Brilliant customer service, would (and have) recommend to you to everyone,” said Anne.

 “Can't thank you enough.”

 Allan Read of Newton Abbot hired Harbron Home Improvements to install artificial turf on his front and back lawns, create a new patio and relay all paths with resin. 

What a fantastic job they made. The crew were marvellous, very professional and accommodating, “ said Allan.

“It has made the garden absolutely brilliant, and NO maintenance (well, very little!). . . Can't recommend this company enough!. . .Thank you!”

Customer satisfaction is important to every member of the team and in the rare event that a project falls short of the company’s usual, very high standards, it will do everything in its power to put it right.


Types of artificial grass

Thursday 16th May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Types of Artificial Grass - Our complete guide


If you are considering artificial grass for your home, follow our in-depth guide on the different kinds of grass, the pros and cons – and how it can transform your garden.


Artificial grass, with its many advantages, is growing in popularity as a practical alternative to traditional turf.

Also known as artificial lawns, synthetic grass/turf and even fake grass, products have come a long way from the early days when it was only really associated with sports pitches.

Modern day artificial grass feels and looks so realistic, at first glance, it’s difficult to tell the fake from the genuine turf. But when it comes to mess free care and maintenance, the two products could not be more different.

With artificial grass there’s no more mud and mess, no bare or brown patches, no more mowing, weeding or seeding. Tough and hard wearing, it looks great every month of the year and there’s no fading either with the UV protection all products feature.

A permeable surface means water just drains away and it can even be installed on concrete or decking. It’s even chlorine resistant so it’s an ideal alternative to paving, resin or decking for pool surrounds.

Little wonder then that artificial grass is a key component of the stunning displays that often win the top prizes at the Chelsea Flower Show.  With its evergreen and seamless look it can put traditional turf in the shade in terms of aesthetics.

If we are talking about pros and cons, it is difficult to see what the cons are. Whether you switch to artificial grass or stay on the traditional turf route, in the final analysis, it will ultimately be about personal taste.

The latest artificial grass products are all made from high quality, synthetic fibres which are dyed and cut to a range of lengths. Nylon products are also available. All the artificial grass solutions are also latex backed and drainage is achieved through the pre-punching of holes.


Artificial grass – the choice is yours


But what are the different types of grass – and what are they best used for?

The Harbron Super Six artificial grass range offers different style and length choices, but all products combine quality with affordability. There’s a 10 year guarantee on both the product and labour too – but with the right aftercare, modern artificial grass products have a greater lifespan than that.


Pine Valley 8mm

At just 8mm, Pine Valley offers the shortest length available, which creates a flatter artificial grass  area, perfect for pets and children’s play areas.  Shock pack underlay can also be used to protect against injuries when children fall.


St Andrews 20mm

With its high stitch count, even at a 20mm length, St Andrews offers an amazing low profile lawn, which is particularly good for balcony area and pool surrounds.  


Sawgrass 25mm

Slightly longer than the St Andrew’s product, Sawgrass also offers a slightly different colour finish too, with its fibres a little more tightly knit. Makes for a slightly deeper, springier grass surface    


Pebble Beach 35mm

Our best seller, the luxurious Pebble Beach, offers two tone green colouring with the addition of strands of beige for added realism. Manufactured to a high standard, there is a deeper and more lush feeling to the pile too.  


Brabazon 35mm

 Again with longer strands and the contrast of brown and green strands for a more realistic grass effect, the Brabazon is another quality grade product – and a good all-rounder for a variety of locations.


Augusta 38mm

At 38 mm, the Augusta is our top of the range artificial grass choice, a premium product made to an extremely high standard, it is suitable for all locations. Again, like the Pebble Beach, it combines two shades of green with the addition of beige strands for additional realistic effect.


 Dog friendly and low maintenance

Artificial grass is a dog owner’s dream.

No more muddy paws soiling the house – no wonder they are are such a hit with pet owners.

Modern artificial grass looks and feels so real, pets won’t even know the difference. The added benefit is that it’s non-toxic and more hygienic than natural grass – the perfect surface for toilet time.

Number ones are absorbed naturally through the permeable surface, while numbers twos can be easily bagged and disposed of.

Traditional turf faces a real battle when it comes to dog waste. With high pH levels in the urine of some dog breeds real grass will start suffering from yellow patches.

It is possible to combat this to a certain extent by using dog rocks, which help to reduce the pH levels in the urine, but with artificial grass, there is no issue. It is stain resistant and urine drains away via the holes. 

Maintenance is also a breeze. Give it a good jet wash to clear debris and clean the surface, as well as regular brushing, which will help raise the grass pile. Top up sand levels too and keep the surrounding areas clear of debris. Weed and moss killer can be used when, or if, needed.


Artificial grass aftercare – from Harbron

We all lead busy lives and sometimes there’s not enough time for everything. If you just can’t fit caring for your artificial grass in your schedule, call in the experts to maintain it for you.

Harbron offers comprehensive, cost effective artificial grass maintenance packages to always keep your garden looking its best - whatever time of the year it is. An annual maintenance visit is recommended, but if you have a special outdoor summer event planned, we can give the grass a quick makeover anytime

As the artificial grass specialists, we know what to do to ensure your artificial turf is in tip top condition.

  • All water and vegetation from the artificial grassed area is cleared and dispose of
  • A full inspection, checking for wear and tear around joints/edges, as well as evidence of wildlife damage is then carried out
  • The survey complete, the surface gets a deep clean, using weed or moss killer where necessary before applying a final spray finish
  • Lastly, a special ‘brush and blow’ gets the pile into peak condition.





Outdoor Improvements Add Value

Thursday 16th May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Top 10 outdoor improvements to add value to your home


Outdoor improvements have the transformational power to not only add character, interest and kerb appeal to your home…but value too.



Outdoor transformation projects hold the key to boosting the value of your home. Do not underestimate the power of ‘kerb appeal’ when you want to make sure it’s your home that stands apart from the crowd.

So what are the 10 improvements that you could make to your property to give it that real wow factor, the kind of transformation that will leave prospective buyers powerless to resist your asking price.


  1. It’s all about the kerb appeal


It all begins at the front – because, as with many things in life, you don’t a second chance to make a first impression. If buyers really like what they see on the outside, it just could be love at first sight. Start by ensuring that it is clean and tidy and steer clear of over cluttering the space with too many plant pots or hanging baskets and garden ornaments. It is important to create a feeling of space – and to make it as welcoming as possible.

Make sure any hedges are neatly trimmed, with trees and other foliage cut back. Letting these areas become overgrown is not only unsightly it can reduce light to the property. There is one addition that can really make an impact – a stunning driveway which will help to make a grand, eye-catching approach to your home that could leave a lasting impression on prospective purchasers.

But even a few little tweaks can help too – they don’t have to be that expensive either. A new coat of paint for a front door and garage door, as well as replacing locks/doorknobs etc. and make sure any flower beds have good al years round colour if you can.




  1. Off street parking

Another outdoor transformational plus. With huge pressures on street parking creating one or two parking spaces will add real value – even if it means having to sacrifice green space to do it. Choose from concrete, Tarmac, block paving or gravel, but try and make sure it is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.

A great way of achieving this balance is through a modern resin driveway, which are really in vogue and can be customised to your specification. With a range of colour solutions that can be used on their own or combined, the possibilities are endless – and you can even personalise it further by adding patterns, motifs…even company branding/logos for commercial premises.

Low maintenance, highly durable and with no planning permission required, resin is ten times more durable than Tarmac and with UV protection it won’t fade or discolour.


  1. Outdoor living is as important as indoor living    


Make prospective buyers fall head over heels in love with your garden space, by combining entertaining areas with lawns and other greenery mixed with a dramatic splash of colour. Outdoor space where you can entertain, as well as just sit back and enjoy the wonderful view, are worth their weight in gold. More and more people see rear gardens as an extension of the interior living space, with dining and cooking areas – and comfy chairs/recliners for relaxing.

Again, the possibilities for creating practical spaces like this are endless, only limited by the scope of your own imagination. Create a seating area with hardwood or softwood timber decking, stone paving or with one of the many composite decking solutions now available. The ultra-modern composite decking by Millboard is setting new standards for both durability and style – even tougher than other composite products.

Slip and stain resistant, it won’t rot or warp like wood and is virtually maintenance free. Just a sweep and an occasional power wash will do the trick. Combine landscaping, lawn and planting areas and ensure access through walkways and paths. Like driveways, many people are choosing resin for these access solutions. Non-slip and skid resistant, there’s no discolouration nor degradation issues and with natural drainage – no permanent puddles.


  1. Breathe new life into tired areas


They are the areas of your outdoor spaces that spoil the rest of the view, overgrown, unsightly borders or bare patches on the lawn. Areas like this can be a real eyesore and may put off purchasers, however good the rest of the outdoor experience is.

It doesn’t take much to revitalise them either. Just by weeding and clearing debris before adding some new soil, perhaps some decorative bark and then planting some fresh, colourful plants and flowers, the effect can be dramatic. Look at the backdrop too. Are there old broken or faded fencing panels that can be replaced or brought to life with some paint/stain.


  1. Think low maintenance garden

Time is a precious commodity and while stunning garden spaces are a real must for boosting property value and appeal, one that can be easily maintained is a bonus. So think trees and shrubs that perform well in our climate and don’t need a lot of looking after. Low maintenance plants such as magnolia and lavender are ideal while magnolia, for example, they will fill large areas, helping to keep weeds at a minimum. You want to keep unwanted plants to an absolute minimum so mulch is a real must.

Lawns often require a lot of care and maintenance, making sure mowing and fertilising is done on a regular basis. It is relatively easy to fix patchy or discoloured lawns, but another one option is to make the switch to artificial grass. It looks and feels like the real thing, but is a lot more practical to maintain. Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibre, which is dyed cut to varying lengths. Modern artificial grass solutions are hard wearing and UV protected so look great all year round. What’s more there’s no more mowing, weeding or seeding – you can’t get much more low maintenance than that. The surface is permeable for easy drainage with no muddier and mess. It’s perfect for dogs and shock pack underlay can be used in child play areas to protect against injury from falls


  1. The lure of good landscaping

Good landscaping that is practical, as well as pleasing to the eye cannot be underestimated in terms of adding value to your property. There is no doubt that calling on the expertise of a professional landscaping company could prove to be a real winner. They will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to your project, as well as expertise. It’s about swopping sloping or uneven ground for flat easy to access areas. Adding stylish retaining walls flower beds and planters using wooden sleepers. Landscaping professionals are worth the investment. In simple terms, they will know how to turn the most unappealing and impractical garden into an amazing space that will make the neighbours green with envy – and buyers clamouring for you to accept their offer!


  1. Add some splashes of colour

This isn’t just about brightly coloured plants and blubs, although, they are obviously important in creating that wow factor. It is also about revitalising garden furniture with a new coat of paint or stain. Transforming drab, weathered fencing and trellis with fresh paint using colours that bring you garden to life. Think about the accessories that can add colour too. Old, discoloured seating cushions and throws should be replaced with more colourful alternatives.




  1. Add some talking points – they could be selling points


Adding something a little unique to your outdoor areas create interest and maybe just be what prospective buyers are looking for. So think tasteful water features or ornamental ponds to create an oasis of calm and tranquillity that could really make an impression on purchasers. Make sure your solutions are environmentally friendly too, using re-cycled water. Sculptures and ornaments can help define an open space too, but don’t go over the top in terms of quantity…as well as in taste! Transform a seating area with the addition of a glass balustrade perhaps, bringing a contemporary feel and elegance.  


  1. Add a conservatory

Adding a conservatory can add value, as well as extra space to your property, but it is important to ensure it is properly designed and built so complements the rest of our property, rather than being a stark contrast. Something that is poorly designed and incongruous with the rest of the property can equally have a detrimental effect on value. That’s why it is important to go with a more bespoke design. It may cost more, but it is more likely to have the desired effect which prospective buyers see it.   


  1. Do plenty of research

Sometimes it is others who come up with the solutions that will work for you too, so don’t be afraid to borrow a theme or style. You will nearly always find that you can put your own stamp on it anyway to create something that is unique to you. Don’t rush into your outdoor transformation project. Trawl the internet and read books to get some inspiration. Remember though, outdoor transformations aren’t just about adding value to the property…they are about enhancing your quality of life too.

Here comes summer - Harbron style!

Wednesday 1st May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

When it comes to outdoor transformations from Harbron Home Improvements this summer – the sky’s the limit! 

The South West’s premier landscaping and resin/artificial grass specialist is gearing up for a busy few months as customers plan some fun in the sun by giving their outdoor spaces a magical makeover.

As well as leading premium artificial grass products, Harbron offer a range of patio and decking solutions, as well pathway/driveway surfaces and fencing.

The company’s skilled installation team use their expertise to combine these products to produce stunning landscaping solutions that leave their client’s neighbours green with envy.

That’s the real advantage of Harbron Home Improvements.  Giving customers a diverse range of outdoor services that offer the total project solution - delivered by one trusted, professional contractor.

What’s more, they deliver their garden transformation services across a wide geographical area, covering the whole of Devon and Cornwall, as well as Somerset and Dorset.

The company specialises in resin driveways and artificial grass, as well as composite/timber decking and complete fencing solutions, for both residential and commercial customers.

Escape the drudge of mowing and weeding with Harbron’s high quality artificial grass products. Durable and so realistic, it looks like the real thing and is UV protected to look great all year round.

It enables customers to enjoy the kind of artificial grass products that are used in many an award winning display at the Chelsea Flower Show and offers the perfect solution for lawns, sports pitches, children’s play areas, pet friendly gardens and much more.

When it comes to decking, the choice is just as varied, with traditional softwood and hardwood options, alongside the very latest composite decking, which includes arguably the ultimate in composite products, Millboard.

Combining mineral stone with unique resin mineral, it is recognised as one of the market leaders, setting new standards in product strength and durability. Harbron also offers a mid-range Smart Composite product to suit smaller budgets, without compromising on quality.     

Harbron offer all the finishing touches too, such as glass balustrades, resin pathways and walkways, as well as a groundworks and a whole host of landscaping ideas to help give customers some inspiration.

With more than 25 years’ industry experience, Harbron’s comprehensive outdoor design, building, repair and maintenance services are raising the bar for both excellence and expertise.

It makes them the natural choice for the best outdoor transformation projects in the region.


Harbron is the home of driveway solutions of any type of surface

Wednesday 17th April 2019 by Anthony Abbott

They maybe one of the region’s leading resin specialists - but don’t worry if that's not your driveway surface of choice.

 Harbron Home Improvements construction team is just as skilled at laying other surfaces too – all designed to create a real wow factor.

 From tarmac to concrete, block paving to gravel, customers can take advantage of the company's expertise in a whole range of other materials.

 Tarmac is a traditional driveway product and Harbron can provide customers with easy maintenance and low cost driveway solutions in this still very practical finish.

 It’s fast to install too, usually within a single day and ready to walk on after just a couple of hours. There’s a range of products to enhance a tarmac driveway too, such as paving and edging.

 Concrete offers a tried and tested alternative to resin too. They are particularly suitable for larger areas where three or more vehicles maybe be parked.

 Driveways are reinforced with fiber or wire mesh, which not only strengthens the concrete, It improves surface permeability and also prevents shrinkage. There’s even a range of finish and colour options.

 Block paving offers one of the most eye catching finishes to a driveway, while tending to be more cost effective than traditional surfaces, such as tarmac and concrete. The design options are almost limitless too.

 Mix up colours and shapes, as well as block sizes, to create colourful circles, pretty kerbs, stylish edging displays and zig-zag pathways.

 Finally, the most affordable driveway option is gravel/shingle. Fast to install, there’s no drying time and a geo-membrane is fitted to minimise weed growth.

 Gravel/shingle is aesthetically pleasing. and Harbron Home Improvements offers a whole array of stone aggregate and colours to pick from 

 It’s a great material for security too, alerting homeowners to a vehicle or visitor on foot, perfect if you live in an outlying or remote/secluded areas.

Find out more about Harbron’s driveway solutions at

Mid-range composite decking - high quality, highly affordable!

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Harbron Home Improvements mid-range composite decking products are raising the bar for quality, yet affordable deck solutions.

 Composite decking continues to grow in popularity, and as one of the South West's leading exponents more and more customers are turning to Harbron, as their installation company of choice

 Harbron has already established a reputation for supplying the Millboard composite deck range - an elite decking solution that is putting other composure products in the shade.

 But for those customers whose budget doesn't quite stretch to the premium Millboard range, Harbron say their mid -range product Smart Composite is a good quality, cost effective alternative.

 For those clients who do want the very best, the Millboard range, is setting new standards in excellence and durability.

 Harbron Home Improvements are the leading choice for the supply and fitting of Millboard as the company’s in-house fitting teams have completed advance courses in both design and installation of the product. 

 Millboard composite decking is even better than other composite deck products, not just the traditional timber solutions.

Unlike most conventional composite decking, which combines wood fibres with plastic, Millboard’s cutting edge product is wood free. Their experts only use timber in making the decking mould and then use a combination of resin and mineral stone to make the deck.

 It means a finish that looks exactly like wood, but is much stronger and more durable than wood. With no wood content in the materials, it’s a decking product that won’t be affected by damp or insect infestation.

 If composite is not your deck material of choice, Harbron have a range of quality timber alternatives, in both softwoods and hardwoods, that will make a showpiece of any outdoor seating area.

 Our decking design and installation teams can also further enhance the look and individuality of our seating area with, wide variety of balustrades, post rails, steps and lighting and other accessories

 Find out more at


Artificial grass aftercare to make the neighbours green with envy!

Monday 4th March 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Comprehensive and cost effective maintenance packages for artificial grass aftercare are available from Harbron Home Improvements.

Such is the quality of the company’s award winning product range that very little upkeep is required.

But increasing numbers of customers are trusting in Harbron’s team of experts to keep their new artificial grass looking its very best - all year round!

It’s why Habron Home Improvements has established itself as the South West’s leading artificial grass installers and outdoor transformation specialists.

Harbron’s artificial grass maintenance packages build on the company’s commitment to offering great value for money, as well as peace of mind.

Every aspect of maintenance is covered in the aftercare packages, which are delivered by a highly experienced and knowledgeable team.

Harbron recommend an annual visit to keep your grass looking its very best…and making your neighbours green with envy!

First the team clear water and vegetation from your grassed area, disposing of it before carrying out a full and detailed inspection. This is to check for any signs of wear and tear or possible wildlife damage.

After the inspection, the grass gets a deep clean using weed or moss killer if required before the area gets a thorough spray finish. Finally the team carry out a ‘brush and blow’ designed to get the ‘grass’ pile into peak condition.

Remember, an annual maintenance visit is all you should need, but if you are having a special event we can give your grass a quick makeover to ensure it’s looking its absolute best!    

Don’t forget that Harbron Home Improvements also guarantees both its artificial grass products and labour for 10 years. 

Find out more details on the Harbron Super Six range of grasses at

Award winning artificial grass to create your own garden show

Wednesday 20th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Harbron Home Improvements offer a state of the art range of artificial grass products that are setting new standards in quality and durability.

With a 100 per cent premium quality guarantee, these multiple award winning solutions look and feel just like the real thing and are suitable for a whole host of applications.

Manufactured to the highest of industry standards, artificial grass displays regularly take the honours at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show.

Now Harbron Home Improvements can help customers transform their outdoor spaces into a show stopping garden of their own with a range of luxurious artificial grass.

From lawns to sports pitches, children’s play areas to pet friendly gardens and balconies and roof terraces to courtyards – we have a perfect artificial grass for any location from short 8mm length grass to our luxurious best seller ‘Pebble Beach’ at 35mm. 

At Harbron Home Improvements, we know that it’s important to offer great peace of mind too – that’s why we guarantee both our artificial grass products and labour for 10 years. 

No more mowing, seeding or weeding – and UV protected against fading, choose the artificial grass that looks great all year round.

All artificial grass solutions from Harbron Home Improvements need minimal maintenance, but Harbron can even handle all the upkeep for you via our comprehensive and competitively priced maintenance packages.

We recommend a once a year visit, but if you have a special garden party planned we can give your grass a quick makeover too so it is looking its absolute best!    

Check out the Harbron Super Six range of grasses- designed to suit all budgets without compromising on quality

Why resin is the right route for your driveway and paths

Monday 18th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

More and more customers are choosing resin surface solutions from Harbron Home Improvements for a host of outdoor transformation works.

As one of the South West’s leading resin specialists, Harbron offers high quality and durable resin products for driveways, walkway and paths, as well as patios, swimming pool surrounds, balconies, steps and wheelchair ramps.

 But what makes the resin alternative to more traditional gravel and tarmac so good? The first thing to bear in mind is its durability and this is a key selling point of resin.

 It is ten times more durable than tarmac and all Harbron’s resin surfaces come with a 10 year guarantee. With modern resin technology and the right aftercare, it can last more than 25 years.

It’s a surface that won’t crack or chip and there are no unsightly puddles or pooling of water either with a resin bound porous surface.

It is stain resistant, non-slip and with its UV protection, won’t fade or discolour over time. It’s very low maintenance too, with just a regular quick jet wash required to keep it clean. 

With tarmac and gravel, you are limited in colour and design – but not with resin.

There is a whole array of both colours and combinations available, so you can truly personalise your project with unique patterns, motifs – and even company/personal logos.

It means you can use lighter or stronger colours to create the illusion of space, making your resin drive or patio appear bigger. You can even use colours to divide areas into zones, saving on signage.

Why choose Harbron for your resin surface? Well, what started life as a family groundworks specialist has grown into a full-service construction company, offering complete design, installation, repair and maintenance across the widest possible range of home improvement solutions.

Harbron is a recognised specialist across Devon and Cornwall and into Somerset and Dorset for resin bound driveways, patios, pathways, steps, pool surrounds and balconies. 

Whatever the job, whatever the size, whatever the surface – Harbron Home Improvements is all about giving your property kerb appeal…and helping you to become the envy of your neighbours!

Wood v Composite - How do the decking choices stack up?

Tuesday 5th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

In the decking popularity stakes, it’s a straight fight between timber and composite solutions.

But which one comes out on top?

Well, like many lifestyle options, it is often a matter of individual choice, a personal preference. Making that final choice is usually based on a number of factors too – budget, maintenance requirements and product lifespan are among the main considerations.

It’s about weighing up all the pros and cons of both - and as Harbron Home Improvements is a recognised specialist decking company, offering both wood and composite solutions…we’re here to help you choose.

So let’s see how both decks stack up.

The cost of timber decking will depend on what type of timber you go for with softwood a lot cheaper than hardwood solutions, which will have a price tag more akin to composite products.

Remember, timber needs treatment and care using oils/stains, but if you are prepared to put in the upkeep, a well maintained deck can last a lifetime. Neglect it, and it will fall victim to rot and fungus.  

That’s where composite has a really big advantage. With a lifespan of 20 to 30 years on average, modern composite requires very little maintenance, other than a regular wash down. It has non-slip properties, unlike timber and won’t rot, crack or warp either.

It also requires no specific treatments like timber does and comes in a range of colours and finishes. There are fewer options in terms of colour finishes for wood, unless you are prepared to put in the effort and stain/paint the deck yourself.

In the final analysis, if you want a tough and durable, non-slip deck with minimal maintenance, choose a composite or if it’s a more natural/traditional look you’re after and are prepared to keep it looking its best, go for timber.

But before you make that all important decision, you may want to explore the difference Millboard Decking offers over other composite solutions…as it just might make you think again!

Unlike most conventional composite deck, which is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral to set a new standard in product strength and durability. 

Also, while many composite products on the market are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s craftsmen hand mould their decking from original timber and then hand colour it. This gives the finished product a far greater authenticity of wood finish.

Harbron Home Improvements is delighted to offer this market leading composite range and has put its installers through Millboard’s advanced design and installation course.

 Find out more about Harbron Home Improvements outdoor transformation solutions at

Has an outdoor transformation from Harbron got you dreaming?

Tuesday 22nd January 2019 by Anthony Abbott

We dream the same dream – that’s the message from Harbron Home Improvements who have hit the airwaves to showcase the scope of their outdoor transformation solutions. 

The current Heart Radio campaign is putting the spotlight on the full range of the Newton Abbot based company’s services and the transformational potential they have for outdoor spaces, large or small

Powerful before and after photos are also being used in associated online and print promotions with the same ‘we dream the same dream’ message – and a promise Harbron the bring your dreams to life.

Company Managing Director James Harbron is confident the promotional campaign will have a powerful effect with Spring just around the corner.

“It won’t be long before we are all back enjoying the beauty and versatility of our own outdoor spaces, but if yours is badly in need of a transformation, then you need to think about doing it soon,” said James.

“The advantage of using Harbron Home Improvements is that we have the full range of outdoor services – the complete project solution delivered by one trusted, professional contractor.”

Harbron Home Improvements are established and respected specialists in garden transformation across Devon and Cornwall and into Somerset and Dorset.

The company specialises in resin driveways and artificial grass, as well as composite/timber decking and complete fencing solutions, for both residential and commercial customers.

 It’s installation team are fully trained in fitting composite decking products from Millboard, one of the leading UK companies in the sector Millboard’s composite decking has significant edge on conventional composite products in terms of quality and durability.

What makes it so special is the quality of the materials and the company’s hand moulding expertise in the manufacturing process.

Unlike many composite products which are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s decking is hand moulded from original timber and then hand coloured. It means far greater authenticity in terms of its wood finish.

It’s tough and durable too. Most conventional deck is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, but Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral. It also means it won’t rot or warp and is free from dampness and insect infestation.

Harbron urges customers looking for a resin installer to tread carefully

Wednesday 16th January 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The managing director of outdoor transformation specialists Harbron Home Improvements has urged customers looking for a resin path or driveway installer to exercise extreme caution.

James Harbron said his company’s in-house installation team have been hired by a number of clients recently to put right poor workmanship carried out by other installers.

Issues that can arise are shown in the photos. The top two are of a driveway without protection against UV and the bottom two, where the resin has been incorrectly mixed. 

“There are many highly proficient specialists working with resin products across the region who, like us, take great pride in completing a professional finish to the highest of specifications,” said James.

“As with any service though, there are a minority who give their trade a bad name, so it is worth taking a little time and doing some research into those companies people are considering for their project.”

James said that there were a number of simple checks people can do to root out those builders it is best to avoid, and one of the main alarm bells is those who insist on cash payment, or part cash payment up front.

Paying cash for the whole project will mean no comeback if the work is of a poor quality or if the builder fails to complete it. Payment should only be made once the job has been satisfactorily completed and if the work requires payment of instalments, this must be agreed in advance - and in writing.

Also, avoid those builders who refuse to sign a contract agreement or produce any paperwork and those who refuse to agree even a basic timescale for the work. Any reputable and experienced builder will know roughly how long a project is likely to take.   

It is also important to check that a builder is also VAT registered as any company taking on large projects must be. Check for a registered business address too, as well as at least a mobile telephone number, so you have a point of contact if something goes wrong.

“Any professional builder with an established reputation will be also able to provide you with written references too, and make sure you check them thoroughly,” said James.

“Ask to speak to those customers they have previously done work for too and go and view that work if possible. Recommendation is still a highly effective way of finding the best in any business.”