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Artificial grass - and how to care for it

Monday 2nd September 2019 by Anthony Abbott

How to care for and treat your artificial grass


How do you take care of artificial grass? Read our expert artificial grass care tips to ensure the longevity and look of your synthetic lawn. It's simple!


When it comes to landscaping, it’s difficult to beat the look that traditional turf creates. The well-manicured lawn is quintessentially English and is often the centrepiece of every great outdoor space perfectly complementing colourful summer blooms.

But getting that look doesn’t come easy. In fact, it requires a lot of heard work - mowing, weeding regular feeding and treating, it can seem like a full time job.

That’s where artificial grass is a clear winner.

The quality of the modern day artificial grass products means, that nowadays, they look like real grass and they are simple to maintain. It is important to recognise though that doesn’t make them maintenance free.

Yes, artificial lawns don’t need feeding, weeding and watering – but to ensure they always look their best, you will have to put some regular work in. Little and often is the key. Set aside some time once a month to give your artificial grass a good wash and brush up rather than leaving it until the end of the year.

It is important to remember that when your artificial grass is first laid you need to let it settle before doing any kind of maintenance work on it.

Protect the integrity of the grass surface at all times too. Keep heat sources, such as barbeques or bonfires well clear and beware of the damage sharp objects can cause too. Be careful with mirrors and other reflective surfaces too, which could cause sunlight burns to the grass. Heavy vehicles will damage the surface too so keep them well clear.     

Right, now you have all those precautions in place, how do you stay on top of the maintenance requirements? Here’s our guide

Don’t delay picking up the debris

First job, clear up the debris and make sure it stays clear. Any build up of dead plants, leaves or other matter could damage the artificial grass over time particularly if it compromises effective drainage. Keep the surface as clear as you can. It helps to cut back any overhanging plants or hedges to prevent a build-up of debris.

The membrane backing helps to keep weeds out, while letting water in, but some weeds and mosses will prove just too clever for this and will always find a way through.

Removing by hand will clear the surface, but the roots will obviously remain underneath. It is vital therefore that if you use a moss/weedkiller product make sure it is water based so as not to damage the artificial turf.   

Stay on top of stains and other marks.

Tough and durable, modern day artificial grass is highly stain resistant and a good jet wash and brush using hot water with some washing up liquid should be enough to do the trick. Make sure you clean up after pets quickly too, particularly if you have young children, as faeces do present a health risk.

For tougher stains or oil marks make sure you use approved artificial grass cleaning products to avoid the risk of permanent damage. Do not use strong chemicals like bleach on your artificial lawn as this could discolour the surface permanently.


Brush up on your broom skills regularly too

Brushing artificial grass on a regular basis is a great way to keep it looking its best – and a stiff yard brush is best for the job. Make sure you don’t just brush in one direction either otherwise the grass blades will not look their best. Also, remember you may have to brush more often if your lawn gets a lot of traffic, which can typically happen in the summer months when you are using your outdoor space for entertaining.


Choose Harbron artificial grass maintenance packages

Of course, you could let our expert and experienced maintenance team do all the hard work for you.

Artificial grass aftercare from Harbron covers all the necessary maintenance requirements so you can just sit back, relax and enjoy your new surface.

Whatever the season, out comprehensive and competitively priced aftercare packages will mean your artificial grass is always looking its best… in the spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Our artificial grass specialists have got it all covered:

  • We clear all water and vegetation from the artificial grassed area disposing of it
  • We do a thorough inspection, looking for signs of wear and tear around joints/edges, and any damage by wildlife
  • Then it’s a thorough deep clean, using weed or moss killer if required before applying a final spray finish
  • Then the surface gets a special ‘brush and blow’ getting the pile into tip top condition.

We suggest an annual maintenance visit, but don’t hesitate to call us in for a quick makeover if you are having a special event like a summer party or a big family barbeque.


Find the right artificial grass product for you

Our Super Six artificial grass range offers different style and length choices, while combining quality and affordability.

Check out our product ranges:

  • Pine Valley 8mm
  • St Andrews 20mm
  • Sawgrass 25mm
  • Pebble Beach 35mm
  • Brabazon 35mm
  • Augusta 38mm



10 year guarantee and product warranty offer complete peace of mind too.

Remember, Harbron Home Improvements offers a 10 year guarantee on artificial grass – and that’s on both the product and labour.

Our artificial grass solutions are of such top quality and durability, with high performance UV protection, that you can expect your artificial grass to last much longer than that.