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Beware the bogus callers claiming to be from Harbron Home Improvements

Monday 17th June 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Beware the bogus landscapers – that’s the message from Harbron Home Improvements boss James Harbron to customers considering their own outdoor transformation project this summer.

 James has been alarmed by several reports of people claiming to represent his company in areas where his team has already carried out improvement schemes.

 He urged people to make sure they check the credentials of any caller who claims to be from Harbron to ensure they don’t become a possible victim of a shoddy and  unprofessional service.

 “We have established an excellent reputation for what we do and I wouldn’t want that tarnished by customers wrongly believing they are dealing with someone from our company,” said James, Managing Director of the Harbron Group.

 “All our staff carry identification and if anyone is in any doubt, they should call our main office number where someone will be able to confirm the identities and give them peace of mind.

 “It is also important that all customers remember to deal with the team leader on their project so they always have a trusted point of contact for any issues that may arise.”

 It is not the first time that James has had to urge customers to exercise caution when  they are looking to hire a landscaping or outdoor transformation company like Harbron Home Improvements.

A number of times recently, his company’s in-house installers have had to put right  shoddy workmanship carried out by other, so called, professional installers.

“Fortunately, the majority of companies who offer the services we do are very capable and reputable. It is only a few that don’t have the same abilities or integrity,” said James.

“For that reason, it is important that people take some time to look into the track record of a company they may be considering for their own project.”

James said that people should avoid those businesses that:

  • Insist on full cash payment upfront
  • Demand part cash payment up front without a written agreement
  • Fail to produce any paperwork or refuse to sign a contract
  • Refuse to give even a rough timescale for a project
  • Don’t have a registered business address
  • Don’t have basic contact details, mobile phone and/or landline, email
  • Aren’t VAT registered
  • Can’t provide written references.

 “Any reputable, professional builder will be more than happy to provide you with examples of previous work, but make sure you can go and view that work and speak to the customers involved, added James.