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Driveway Maintenance

Monday 10th June 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Top tips for maintaining your driveway.

Why it’s crucial to keep your driveway in tip top condition – and how it could save you costly replacements in the long run.


The changing seasons each bring their own challenges when it comes to driveway maintenance, but it doesn’t take too much time or effort to look after it – whatever your surface of choice.

Resin bound, concrete, gravel, block paving – this our definitive guide to looking after your driveway, whatever the great British weather throws at it.

Like many things it life, with a bit of care and attention, it is possible to ensure your driveway lasts for many years to come and saving you the cost of having to replace it out of necessity, rather than choice.

What’s more, you might be surprised at how little effort it takes…


The advantages of resin driveway solutions

Talking of little effort. as the resin specialists in the South West, here at Harbron Home Improvements we believe it offers the most practical and durable driveway solution – with minimal maintenance required to keep it looking its best.

Resin has so many advantages over traditional driveway surfaces. For examples, as its permeable, you don’t have the issue of water pooling, which, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of ice when winter temperatures plunge.

All that durability and it only needs a little T and C. A regular sweep with a broom and hose down with clean water, job done!  You can use a pressure washer too, but just take care not to get too close to the surface and don’t direct the jet on one place for too long, use your washer in a sweeping motion.

If that still sounds too much like hard work, you can always call in our team of resin specialists to do the cleaning for you. We offer a range of aftercare/maintenance packages. You might be just too busy to dedicate the time to cleaning your driveway – so let Harbron do it for you.


Aftercare for resin driveways

Spring, summer autumn or winter – whatever the season it doesn’t take too much care and attention to ensure your resin driveway is well looked after. Here’s Harbron’s handy tips for resin driveway prevention…and cure.

Vehicle tyre marks can be hazard, but quick and easy to remove too, by lightly wiping with a damp rag and white spirit. Try to remember not to turn the steering wheel when your car is stationary as this increases the risks of tyre marks.

Don’t allow cement/plaster to set on resin as this makes it very difficult to remove. Take care not to spill harsh chemicals or liquids either. Oil and grease, for example, will stain a resin surface it not cleaned up straight away, while petrol and other harsh solvents can cause resin to soften.

Don’t drag heavy metal objects across the surface and if you need to use a skip, do not put it directly on the resin surface. Use wood to make a base and spread the load. Car jacks too can damage the surface so again, use wooden blocks to support the jack.

Weeds and miss should be a thing of the past when you have a resin surface installed, but if new ones do grow, use an appropriate weed killer, while moss can be removed quite easily using a stiff broom followed by a wash down.

These straight forward maintenance techniques should ensure that your resin driveway lasts – and looks its best for many years, but Harbron recommend seeking independent, specialist advice before using any particular cleaning product on a resin surface.


Alternative driveway surfaces


But what if resin isn’t your surface of choice? Well, again you might be surprised at how little effort is required to keep the more traditional driveway surfaces in tip top condition too.



Gravel offers a great value for money driveway solution, but loose stone, by its very nature, needs looking after to look its absolute best! It’s not that time consuming though, but little and often is the key. 15 to 20 minutes each week should be enough time to clear any weeds followed by a good rake to distribute the stones more evenly. Make sure you also keep an eye out for any dips in the surface and/or potholes, filling them to make the whole surface more even again.



Tarmac is another low maintenance option, but regular upkeep is required with a once a week hosing to get rid of any dirt and debris. You will need to check for any vehicle spillages too, as they can damage an asphalt/tarmac surfaces. Water may be enough to tackle most spills effectively, but some degreaser or detergent may be needed for more stubborn stains. Refill any holes or cracks too.


Brick/block paving

It’s the kind or surface that oozes kerb appeal, but you need to do a bit of work to make sure it is always looking its stunning best. Tackling the whole surface with weed killer once a week and clearing away dead greenery and any debris shouldn’t take much longer than 10-15 minutes – depending on the surface area of course. Once a month, use a yard brush to get any dirt out of the surface before washing it down with soap and hot water. Be careful if you use a power washer, as this could cause an issue where any blocks are loose.


The main job for maintaining concrete driveways is not only cleaning, but sealing too. On average you should re-seal your concrete driveway every two years. It does depend though on usage. Heavy traffic areas may have to be sealed more regularly than that. You will find a range of sealants available from most hardware/DIY stores and application is straight forward. When it comes to cleaning, a pressure wash once a month should do the trick. Make sure you clear up spillages immediately too as they can cause a discolouration of a concrete surface. Again though, how often you will have to clean depends on usage and the kind of vehicles you park on your driveway. Heavy, agricultural machinery is likely to leave more dirt around than the family car, for example.


Maintenance solutions from Harbron Home Improvements

Don’t forget that if all this still sounds like too much effort, Harbron offer range of aftercare and maintenance solutions on products, such as our artificial grass ranges and resin solutions for driveways, patios, pathways, steps, pool surrounds and balconies.

Find out more at www.hhigroup.co.uk or call us on 01626323523.