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Harbron is the home of driveway solutions of any type of surface

Wednesday 17th April 2019 by Anthony Abbott

They maybe one of the region’s leading resin specialists - but don’t worry if that's not your driveway surface of choice.

 Harbron Home Improvements construction team is just as skilled at laying other surfaces too – all designed to create a real wow factor.

 From tarmac to concrete, block paving to gravel, customers can take advantage of the company's expertise in a whole range of other materials.

 Tarmac is a traditional driveway product and Harbron can provide customers with easy maintenance and low cost driveway solutions in this still very practical finish.

 It’s fast to install too, usually within a single day and ready to walk on after just a couple of hours. There’s a range of products to enhance a tarmac driveway too, such as paving and edging.

 Concrete offers a tried and tested alternative to resin too. They are particularly suitable for larger areas where three or more vehicles maybe be parked.

 Driveways are reinforced with fiber or wire mesh, which not only strengthens the concrete, It improves surface permeability and also prevents shrinkage. There’s even a range of finish and colour options.

 Block paving offers one of the most eye catching finishes to a driveway, while tending to be more cost effective than traditional surfaces, such as tarmac and concrete. The design options are almost limitless too.

 Mix up colours and shapes, as well as block sizes, to create colourful circles, pretty kerbs, stylish edging displays and zig-zag pathways.

 Finally, the most affordable driveway option is gravel/shingle. Fast to install, there’s no drying time and a geo-membrane is fitted to minimise weed growth.

 Gravel/shingle is aesthetically pleasing. and Harbron Home Improvements offers a whole array of stone aggregate and colours to pick from 

 It’s a great material for security too, alerting homeowners to a vehicle or visitor on foot, perfect if you live in an outlying or remote/secluded areas.

Find out more about Harbron’s driveway solutions at https://www.hhigroup.co.uk/driveways