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Mid-range composite decking - high quality, highly affordable!

Wednesday 3rd April 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Harbron Home Improvements mid-range composite decking products are raising the bar for quality, yet affordable deck solutions.

 Composite decking continues to grow in popularity, and as one of the South West's leading exponents more and more customers are turning to Harbron, as their installation company of choice

 Harbron has already established a reputation for supplying the Millboard composite deck range - an elite decking solution that is putting other composure products in the shade.

 But for those customers whose budget doesn't quite stretch to the premium Millboard range, Harbron say their mid -range product Smart Composite is a good quality, cost effective alternative.

 For those clients who do want the very best, the Millboard range, is setting new standards in excellence and durability.

 Harbron Home Improvements are the leading choice for the supply and fitting of Millboard as the company’s in-house fitting teams have completed advance courses in both design and installation of the product. 

 Millboard composite decking is even better than other composite deck products, not just the traditional timber solutions.

Unlike most conventional composite decking, which combines wood fibres with plastic, Millboard’s cutting edge product is wood free. Their experts only use timber in making the decking mould and then use a combination of resin and mineral stone to make the deck.

 It means a finish that looks exactly like wood, but is much stronger and more durable than wood. With no wood content in the materials, it’s a decking product that won’t be affected by damp or insect infestation.

 If composite is not your deck material of choice, Harbron have a range of quality timber alternatives, in both softwoods and hardwoods, that will make a showpiece of any outdoor seating area.

 Our decking design and installation teams can also further enhance the look and individuality of our seating area with, wide variety of balustrades, post rails, steps and lighting and other accessories

 Find out more at https://www.hhigroup.co.uk/decking