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Outdoor Improvements Add Value

Thursday 16th May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Top 10 outdoor improvements to add value to your home


Outdoor improvements have the transformational power to not only add character, interest and kerb appeal to your home…but value too.



Outdoor transformation projects hold the key to boosting the value of your home. Do not underestimate the power of ‘kerb appeal’ when you want to make sure it’s your home that stands apart from the crowd.

So what are the 10 improvements that you could make to your property to give it that real wow factor, the kind of transformation that will leave prospective buyers powerless to resist your asking price.


  1. It’s all about the kerb appeal


It all begins at the front – because, as with many things in life, you don’t a second chance to make a first impression. If buyers really like what they see on the outside, it just could be love at first sight. Start by ensuring that it is clean and tidy and steer clear of over cluttering the space with too many plant pots or hanging baskets and garden ornaments. It is important to create a feeling of space – and to make it as welcoming as possible.

Make sure any hedges are neatly trimmed, with trees and other foliage cut back. Letting these areas become overgrown is not only unsightly it can reduce light to the property. There is one addition that can really make an impact – a stunning driveway which will help to make a grand, eye-catching approach to your home that could leave a lasting impression on prospective purchasers.

But even a few little tweaks can help too – they don’t have to be that expensive either. A new coat of paint for a front door and garage door, as well as replacing locks/doorknobs etc. and make sure any flower beds have good al years round colour if you can.




  1. Off street parking

Another outdoor transformational plus. With huge pressures on street parking creating one or two parking spaces will add real value – even if it means having to sacrifice green space to do it. Choose from concrete, Tarmac, block paving or gravel, but try and make sure it is aesthetically pleasing, as well as practical.

A great way of achieving this balance is through a modern resin driveway, which are really in vogue and can be customised to your specification. With a range of colour solutions that can be used on their own or combined, the possibilities are endless – and you can even personalise it further by adding patterns, motifs…even company branding/logos for commercial premises.

Low maintenance, highly durable and with no planning permission required, resin is ten times more durable than Tarmac and with UV protection it won’t fade or discolour.


  1. Outdoor living is as important as indoor living    


Make prospective buyers fall head over heels in love with your garden space, by combining entertaining areas with lawns and other greenery mixed with a dramatic splash of colour. Outdoor space where you can entertain, as well as just sit back and enjoy the wonderful view, are worth their weight in gold. More and more people see rear gardens as an extension of the interior living space, with dining and cooking areas – and comfy chairs/recliners for relaxing.

Again, the possibilities for creating practical spaces like this are endless, only limited by the scope of your own imagination. Create a seating area with hardwood or softwood timber decking, stone paving or with one of the many composite decking solutions now available. The ultra-modern composite decking by Millboard is setting new standards for both durability and style – even tougher than other composite products.

Slip and stain resistant, it won’t rot or warp like wood and is virtually maintenance free. Just a sweep and an occasional power wash will do the trick. Combine landscaping, lawn and planting areas and ensure access through walkways and paths. Like driveways, many people are choosing resin for these access solutions. Non-slip and skid resistant, there’s no discolouration nor degradation issues and with natural drainage – no permanent puddles.


  1. Breathe new life into tired areas


They are the areas of your outdoor spaces that spoil the rest of the view, overgrown, unsightly borders or bare patches on the lawn. Areas like this can be a real eyesore and may put off purchasers, however good the rest of the outdoor experience is.

It doesn’t take much to revitalise them either. Just by weeding and clearing debris before adding some new soil, perhaps some decorative bark and then planting some fresh, colourful plants and flowers, the effect can be dramatic. Look at the backdrop too. Are there old broken or faded fencing panels that can be replaced or brought to life with some paint/stain.


  1. Think low maintenance garden

Time is a precious commodity and while stunning garden spaces are a real must for boosting property value and appeal, one that can be easily maintained is a bonus. So think trees and shrubs that perform well in our climate and don’t need a lot of looking after. Low maintenance plants such as magnolia and lavender are ideal while magnolia, for example, they will fill large areas, helping to keep weeds at a minimum. You want to keep unwanted plants to an absolute minimum so mulch is a real must.

Lawns often require a lot of care and maintenance, making sure mowing and fertilising is done on a regular basis. It is relatively easy to fix patchy or discoloured lawns, but another one option is to make the switch to artificial grass. It looks and feels like the real thing, but is a lot more practical to maintain. Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibre, which is dyed cut to varying lengths. Modern artificial grass solutions are hard wearing and UV protected so look great all year round. What’s more there’s no more mowing, weeding or seeding – you can’t get much more low maintenance than that. The surface is permeable for easy drainage with no muddier and mess. It’s perfect for dogs and shock pack underlay can be used in child play areas to protect against injury from falls


  1. The lure of good landscaping

Good landscaping that is practical, as well as pleasing to the eye cannot be underestimated in terms of adding value to your property. There is no doubt that calling on the expertise of a professional landscaping company could prove to be a real winner. They will bring a lot of knowledge and experience to your project, as well as expertise. It’s about swopping sloping or uneven ground for flat easy to access areas. Adding stylish retaining walls flower beds and planters using wooden sleepers. Landscaping professionals are worth the investment. In simple terms, they will know how to turn the most unappealing and impractical garden into an amazing space that will make the neighbours green with envy – and buyers clamouring for you to accept their offer!


  1. Add some splashes of colour

This isn’t just about brightly coloured plants and blubs, although, they are obviously important in creating that wow factor. It is also about revitalising garden furniture with a new coat of paint or stain. Transforming drab, weathered fencing and trellis with fresh paint using colours that bring you garden to life. Think about the accessories that can add colour too. Old, discoloured seating cushions and throws should be replaced with more colourful alternatives.




  1. Add some talking points – they could be selling points


Adding something a little unique to your outdoor areas create interest and maybe just be what prospective buyers are looking for. So think tasteful water features or ornamental ponds to create an oasis of calm and tranquillity that could really make an impression on purchasers. Make sure your solutions are environmentally friendly too, using re-cycled water. Sculptures and ornaments can help define an open space too, but don’t go over the top in terms of quantity…as well as in taste! Transform a seating area with the addition of a glass balustrade perhaps, bringing a contemporary feel and elegance.  


  1. Add a conservatory

Adding a conservatory can add value, as well as extra space to your property, but it is important to ensure it is properly designed and built so complements the rest of our property, rather than being a stark contrast. Something that is poorly designed and incongruous with the rest of the property can equally have a detrimental effect on value. That’s why it is important to go with a more bespoke design. It may cost more, but it is more likely to have the desired effect which prospective buyers see it.   


  1. Do plenty of research

Sometimes it is others who come up with the solutions that will work for you too, so don’t be afraid to borrow a theme or style. You will nearly always find that you can put your own stamp on it anyway to create something that is unique to you. Don’t rush into your outdoor transformation project. Trawl the internet and read books to get some inspiration. Remember though, outdoor transformations aren’t just about adding value to the property…they are about enhancing your quality of life too.