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The benefits of permeable paving.

Monday 7th October 2019 by Anthony Abbott

The benefits of permeable paving.


We look at what it is, why it's good and all the pros and cons.


Climate change. It’s a topic that you could say has never been hotter!

Wherever you look these days, we are being urged to do more to help our planet, be more eco-friendly, choose the sustainable option…recycle to within in an inch of our lives.

It’s a serious business though. Each and every one of us now recognises we all have a part to play in protecting our precious planet for future generations.

If you are in the market for a driveway or paving solutions to enhance your garden, opt for the sustainable choice permeable paving.

What is permeable paving?

Basically, it’s a resin bound surface which allows the water to pass through to drain away naturally beneath. In contrast, more conventional paving will have ‘run-offs’, so the water is directed into an existing drainage system.

The potential problems with this conventional approach are pretty clear. In a country that has more than its fair share of rain. In heavy downpours, drainage systems can get overwhelmed, blocked or clogged and in turn, flooding presents a serious risk.

Flash floods are usually caused by water having nowhere to go when it runs off a surface. Many of our drainage systems were constructed many years ago, without the technical knowledge which is available to us now.

With a permeable surface, the excess water is always draining away into the soil. No flooding risk and eco-friendly all in one.

So that’s the flooding risk dealt with, but what other benefits do permeable paving products offer?


No puddles or pooling

It’s often a familiar sight after a heavy downpour. Pools and puddles have formed on a driveway where a run-off has been poorly installed or has little effect. It’s an issue with conventional surfaces that you don’t get with a modern permeable solution.

When the resin bound surface is laid, it features a network of exit points that allow water to pass through into the soil. The other bonus of this system is that it naturally filters rainwater, removing  any impurities which can reduce the risks of water pollution. More good news for the planet!    


Sustainable and natural materials.

The product itself is good for the planet too. You might be surprised to learn that resin bound solutions are made from recycled and naturally occurring materials, such as natural aggregate, recycled glass or marble…even plant extracts. The grid systems used as part of the installation are sustainable too, made from recycled materials.


Heat reduction

It’s not just about water though. Heat also presents an issue with conventional paving solutions. Surfaces like tarmac or concrete absorb heat and can create potentially damaging hot spots. Permeable paving has the opposite effect as the porous surface allows the soil underneath to breathe and in turn, lower temperatures.


Simple to install

Traditional concrete/tarmac surfaces need a lot of cumbersome, specialised machinery whereas the permeable surface is made up of a grid system which can be quickly and efficiently laid, then filled with the resin bound material. It is easy to cover a large area in a short time, making the installation speedy, as well as simple.


Temporary parking solutions

Certain businesses may need to create temporary parking areas for events or other purposes and then return the area to it previous state. Permeable paving offers the ideal solution. The resin bound grid system can be easily laid on most existing surfaces and then removed afterwards. The resin material installed in the grids can be re-used on other projects


Cost effective

Whereas tarmac and concrete can be expensive to install, requiring a sizeable workforce, permeable paving is much cheaper per square metre and only needs a small installation team. With its porous capabilities, it also negates the need for expensive drainage systems that might need to be installed as part of the project


Tough and durable

Resin bound products are recognised as some of the toughest on the market, easily as durable, if not more, than traditional surfaces. They can take the weight of extremely heavy vehicles and while conventional surfaces can buckle in certain conditions, the permeable surface is more flexible and can move with any changes in soil movement beneath.


Harbron – the home of resin bound, permeable paving solutions

Covering Devon and Cornwall, Dorset and Somerset, Harbron Home Improvements are the resin bound driveway and permeable paving specialists.

It’s the complete service. Our team will help you with the design process before the highly professional installation. We also offer customer excellent aftercare with maintenance and repair services.

There’s whole range of colour options to choose from and you can even add company/personal logos to make your design truly unique.


Just look at the benefits of resin bound, permeable paving from Harbron:


  • Cost effective
  • Tougher than tarmac
  • Low maintenance
  • Cracks and chip resistant.
  • No permanent puddles or pooling
  • Stain resistant
  • Reduces weed growth
  • UV protection means no fading or discolouring
  • No planning permission required.


But it’s not just driveways where resin bound, permeable paving solutions offer a powerful modern alternative to traditional products like slabs or decking. With Harbron’s expertise, you can create stunning patio areas, paths and walkways, or maybe you need steps or wheelchair ramps.

If the modern range of resin bound permeable paving products are simply not for you, don’t worry. Here at Harbron we recognise that everyone’s tastes are different and that’s why we offer the complete range of more conventional surfaces.

From concrete to tarmac and gravel to brick/block paving – we have every surface covered and all our products are backed up by a 10 year guarantee      

You can also take the worry out of caring for your resin surface by opting for Harbron’s competitively priced and comprehensive maintenance and repair packages.

Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team of resin bound specialists can offer the complete range of cleaning and care solutions – whether it’s a brand new installation by us or an existing permeable paving surface.