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Types of artificial grass

Thursday 16th May 2019 by Anthony Abbott

Types of Artificial Grass - Our complete guide


If you are considering artificial grass for your home, follow our in-depth guide on the different kinds of grass, the pros and cons – and how it can transform your garden.


Artificial grass, with its many advantages, is growing in popularity as a practical alternative to traditional turf.

Also known as artificial lawns, synthetic grass/turf and even fake grass, products have come a long way from the early days when it was only really associated with sports pitches.

Modern day artificial grass feels and looks so realistic, at first glance, it’s difficult to tell the fake from the genuine turf. But when it comes to mess free care and maintenance, the two products could not be more different.

With artificial grass there’s no more mud and mess, no bare or brown patches, no more mowing, weeding or seeding. Tough and hard wearing, it looks great every month of the year and there’s no fading either with the UV protection all products feature.

A permeable surface means water just drains away and it can even be installed on concrete or decking. It’s even chlorine resistant so it’s an ideal alternative to paving, resin or decking for pool surrounds.

Little wonder then that artificial grass is a key component of the stunning displays that often win the top prizes at the Chelsea Flower Show.  With its evergreen and seamless look it can put traditional turf in the shade in terms of aesthetics.

If we are talking about pros and cons, it is difficult to see what the cons are. Whether you switch to artificial grass or stay on the traditional turf route, in the final analysis, it will ultimately be about personal taste.

The latest artificial grass products are all made from high quality, synthetic fibres which are dyed and cut to a range of lengths. Nylon products are also available. All the artificial grass solutions are also latex backed and drainage is achieved through the pre-punching of holes.


Artificial grass – the choice is yours


But what are the different types of grass – and what are they best used for?

The Harbron Super Six artificial grass range offers different style and length choices, but all products combine quality with affordability. There’s a 10 year guarantee on both the product and labour too – but with the right aftercare, modern artificial grass products have a greater lifespan than that.


Pine Valley 8mm

At just 8mm, Pine Valley offers the shortest length available, which creates a flatter artificial grass  area, perfect for pets and children’s play areas.  Shock pack underlay can also be used to protect against injuries when children fall.


St Andrews 20mm

With its high stitch count, even at a 20mm length, St Andrews offers an amazing low profile lawn, which is particularly good for balcony area and pool surrounds.  


Sawgrass 25mm

Slightly longer than the St Andrew’s product, Sawgrass also offers a slightly different colour finish too, with its fibres a little more tightly knit. Makes for a slightly deeper, springier grass surface    


Pebble Beach 35mm

Our best seller, the luxurious Pebble Beach, offers two tone green colouring with the addition of strands of beige for added realism. Manufactured to a high standard, there is a deeper and more lush feeling to the pile too.  


Brabazon 35mm

 Again with longer strands and the contrast of brown and green strands for a more realistic grass effect, the Brabazon is another quality grade product – and a good all-rounder for a variety of locations.


Augusta 38mm

At 38 mm, the Augusta is our top of the range artificial grass choice, a premium product made to an extremely high standard, it is suitable for all locations. Again, like the Pebble Beach, it combines two shades of green with the addition of beige strands for additional realistic effect.


 Dog friendly and low maintenance

Artificial grass is a dog owner’s dream.

No more muddy paws soiling the house – no wonder they are are such a hit with pet owners.

Modern artificial grass looks and feels so real, pets won’t even know the difference. The added benefit is that it’s non-toxic and more hygienic than natural grass – the perfect surface for toilet time.

Number ones are absorbed naturally through the permeable surface, while numbers twos can be easily bagged and disposed of.

Traditional turf faces a real battle when it comes to dog waste. With high pH levels in the urine of some dog breeds real grass will start suffering from yellow patches.

It is possible to combat this to a certain extent by using dog rocks, which help to reduce the pH levels in the urine, but with artificial grass, there is no issue. It is stain resistant and urine drains away via the holes. 

Maintenance is also a breeze. Give it a good jet wash to clear debris and clean the surface, as well as regular brushing, which will help raise the grass pile. Top up sand levels too and keep the surrounding areas clear of debris. Weed and moss killer can be used when, or if, needed.


Artificial grass aftercare – from Harbron

We all lead busy lives and sometimes there’s not enough time for everything. If you just can’t fit caring for your artificial grass in your schedule, call in the experts to maintain it for you.

Harbron offers comprehensive, cost effective artificial grass maintenance packages to always keep your garden looking its best - whatever time of the year it is. An annual maintenance visit is recommended, but if you have a special outdoor summer event planned, we can give the grass a quick makeover anytime

As the artificial grass specialists, we know what to do to ensure your artificial turf is in tip top condition.

  • All water and vegetation from the artificial grassed area is cleared and dispose of
  • A full inspection, checking for wear and tear around joints/edges, as well as evidence of wildlife damage is then carried out
  • The survey complete, the surface gets a deep clean, using weed or moss killer where necessary before applying a final spray finish
  • Lastly, a special ‘brush and blow’ gets the pile into peak condition.