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Wood v Composite - How do the decking choices stack up?

Tuesday 5th February 2019 by Anthony Abbott

In the decking popularity stakes, it’s a straight fight between timber and composite solutions.

But which one comes out on top?

Well, like many lifestyle options, it is often a matter of individual choice, a personal preference. Making that final choice is usually based on a number of factors too – budget, maintenance requirements and product lifespan are among the main considerations.

It’s about weighing up all the pros and cons of both - and as Harbron Home Improvements is a recognised specialist decking company, offering both wood and composite solutions…we’re here to help you choose.

So let’s see how both decks stack up.

The cost of timber decking will depend on what type of timber you go for with softwood a lot cheaper than hardwood solutions, which will have a price tag more akin to composite products.

Remember, timber needs treatment and care using oils/stains, but if you are prepared to put in the upkeep, a well maintained deck can last a lifetime. Neglect it, and it will fall victim to rot and fungus.  

That’s where composite has a really big advantage. With a lifespan of 20 to 30 years on average, modern composite requires very little maintenance, other than a regular wash down. It has non-slip properties, unlike timber and won’t rot, crack or warp either.

It also requires no specific treatments like timber does and comes in a range of colours and finishes. There are fewer options in terms of colour finishes for wood, unless you are prepared to put in the effort and stain/paint the deck yourself.

In the final analysis, if you want a tough and durable, non-slip deck with minimal maintenance, choose a composite or if it’s a more natural/traditional look you’re after and are prepared to keep it looking its best, go for timber.

But before you make that all important decision, you may want to explore the difference Millboard Decking offers over other composite solutions…as it just might make you think again!

Unlike most conventional composite deck, which is a combination of plastic and wood fibres, Millboard combines mineral stone with unique resin mineral to set a new standard in product strength and durability. 

Also, while many composite products on the market are formed by extrusion techniques, Millboard’s craftsmen hand mould their decking from original timber and then hand colour it. This gives the finished product a far greater authenticity of wood finish.

Harbron Home Improvements is delighted to offer this market leading composite range and has put its installers through Millboard’s advanced design and installation course.

 Find out more about Harbron Home Improvements outdoor transformation solutions at www.hhigroup.co.uk