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The Resin Colour Range

With virtually limitless resin colours, you can make your driveway, patio or outdoor space really stand out.

Resin colours allow you to fully personalise your driveway or outdoor surface, so let your imagination run wild.

Here are some resin colour ideas...

A lighter or stronger colour like the gentle “Pearl” or the fiery “Rustic rock” will contribute to create the illusion of space and make your resin drive and resin patio appear bigger.

You don’t have to limit yourself to just one colour – Why not go for 2 colours or more?

Using two or more colours gives you the option to create unique patterns, motifs and even company or personal logos. It can also help divide areas into zones without the need for signage.

Although we make every effort to display our range of resin colours in the most realistic way, please be aware that colour rendering may vary depending on device and browser. We encourage you to see them for yourself in broad daylight by visiting our show homes or booking a free site visit when the surveyor will bring samples.

Harbron Super Six

Choose from our popular range

glacier Pearl Glacier Pearl
Moonlight Frost Moonlight Frost
Golden Bay Golden Bay
Pebble Bay Pebble Bay
Rustic Rock Rustic Rock
Volcanic Volcanic

Can't visualise our sample on a larger area?
We've got that covered!

Simply select your preferred resin colour from the samples on the right to change this interactive illustration.

More Colour Options

Choose from our extended range...

Golden Beach Golden Beach
Riviera Bay Riviera Bay
Riviera Sunrise Riviera Sunrise
Farm Stone Farm Stone
Autumn Sunset Autumn Sunset
Magma Magma
Terracotta Terracotta
Red Sands Red Sands
Transendance Transendance
Pearl Pearl
Ocean Sands Ocean Sands
Platinum Platinum
Emerald Slate Emerald Slate
Emerald Sands Emerald Sands
Pitch Black Pitch Black

Resinspiration Range

Can’t find the colour mix you need? Why not mix your own.

Sadly even with our range of Resin varieties and colours sometimes we don’t have the exact mix you are looking for. Either its too red or not enough blue it just doesnt match what you know will complete your project. At Habron Home Improvements all we want to do is take the Outdoor Transformation of your dreams and make it a reality, and so we decided that if you can’t find the mix you need... then make it up. Now if you need it to be less red or more blue than why not. The colours underneath have been custom made to match a customers requirements. Bespoke resin for a one of a kind garden.

Riviera Frost Riviera Frost
Contrast Rock Contrast Rock
White Gold White Gold
Riviera Sands Riviera Sands
Seashore Seashore
Morning Meadow Morning Meadow
Black Sands Black Sands
Harvest Gold Harvest Gold
Captain Page Captain Page
Rock Pool Rock Pool
Golden Rock Golden Rock
Somerset Harvest Somerset Harvest
Autumn Beach Autumn Beach
Moonlight Moonlight
Rockwave Rockwave
Winter Rock Winter Rock
Black Rock Black Rock
Galaxy Galaxy

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