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Resin Driveways & Pathways Paving through Devon & Cornwall

Our resin driveway & pathway paving services in Devon and Cornwall can really beautify any outdoor space. Resin is a premium, yet affordable alternative to loose gravel, tarmac, block paving and concrete.

Our company’s 25 year plus track record for delivering high quality and professional services, using an in-house team of specialist installers and product ranges with 10 year guarantees.

A resin bonded surface produces a durable, smooth surface with no loose stones that’s perfect for many domestic and commercial applications like driveways, patios, steps, paths and walkways, car parks, tree pits, swimming pool surrounds and many other applications.

All our resin bound driveways & pathway products also benefit from UV protection against both colour fade and discolouration while water drains away quickly and easily via resin’s porous surface. That means no pooling and puddles.

Our team look after everything – from design and install through to the most comprehensive maintenance and repair contracts, all part of our commitment to giving all clients excellent aftercare and support.

Resin is by far the most cost-effective surface for a driveway because it’s extremely durable and very low maintenance - no need to replace or repair because of cracks, chips or permanent puddles.

Any Design, Any Colour. Make your driveway stand out with a wide range of colors and natural aggregate!

The design options with resin are practically limitless. Whether you opt to match the tone or style of your house or go for a contrasting effect a resin drive will enhance the appearance of your overall property thanks to your choice of colour or decorative borders. You could also add a company or personal logo and make your design truly unique.

Resin FAQ

What is Resin Paving?

There are two common methods of applying resin – resin bound paving and resin bonded paving. We appreciate that non-specialists may consider these terms as synonyms but they in fact describe different techniques.

Resin bound paving describes mixing the aggregate with the resin and then trowelling it down for a smooth finish. The resulting resin is porous and permeable, provided an appropriate sub-base has been laid.

Resin bonded paving or “scatter coating” produces resin that is non-porous and non-permeable.

How durable is it?

Extremely durable – Up to 10 times more durable than tarmac. No cracks, no chips, no breaks!

Resin Bound Paving vs Resin Bonded Paving?

We prefer resin bound paving because in our view it produces resin with superior properties – permeability and durability. Permeability is a crucial factor to consider for an outdoor surface like a driveway or a patio; water needs to drain away, thus reducing the risk of flooding. That’s why Harbron Home Improvements’ resin bound driveways & pathways services comply with Sustainable Drainage Systems regulations (SuDS). Resin bound paving also tends to be more hard-wearing and makes for a more durable product.

What type of surface can it be placed on?

While in some specific cases resin could be laid directly onto an existing surface, resin installations usually require preparatory groundwork to lay an appropriate sub-base to help with permeability. Please call us so we can advise you on the best option for your project.

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