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FAQs Resin Driveways

What are resin bound driveways?

Comprises a mixture of recycled or marbled material, such as stone, which is mixed with a clear resin binder to create a strong and very durable, permeable surface to allow for drainage.

What are resin bonded driveways?

A resin film is applied to the surface, followed by a scattering of aggregate before it is allowed to cure. Excess stones are cleared to leave a thinner surface that is non permeable.

Resin bound and resin bonded - what is the difference?

Essentially, the resin bound surface is porous and has a smooth finish with no loose stones while the resin bonded surface is non-porous with a rougher finished appearance of loose gravel.

What type of resin is used for driveways?

Epoxy and polyurethane are the two main types of driveway resin, but polyurethane tend to be the popular choice as it bonds well and has a higher load bearing potential, as well as better UV protection.

Can resin driveways be repaired?

Small areas can be repaired with a patch repair kit supplied by Harbron Home Improvements.

How are resin driveways laid?

Resin bound, permeable surfaces will require a new base to replace existing tarmac/concrete, but both of these are fine for a non-porous, bonded surface, depending on condition. Block paving is not a suitable base due to displacement issues.

How much do resin driveways cost?

A precise cost is difficult as every project is different, but in general terms it should start around £40 per sqm.

How long does it take to complete?

Clearly it depends on the area, but once the area has been cleared, as long as there is dry weather and the temperature stays above freezing, work should be finished in a matter of a few days.

How do you clean resin driveways; can you pressure wash it?

Yes, cleaning can be down with jet wash or ordinary hose and make sure it is regularly swept to particularly clear leaves and other organic debris. Harbron can do the hard work for you, with its cost effective annual cleaning/maintenance packages.

How durable are resin driveways; how long do they last?

All resin surfaces from Harbron come with a 10 year guarantee, but modern resin technology means it can last more than 25 years.

Do resin driveways need planning permission?

Under the most recent changes in legislation, unless the new surface is permeable, as in a resin bound product, planning permission will need to be obtained. It is best to check with your local authority if you are in doubt as properties in a conservation area, for example, are also subject to certain conditions.

Are resin driveways slippery?

No, not if you use a professional installer like Harbron Home Improvements. As long as the correct mix has been used during installation the surface will have excellent anti-slip qualities.

How long does resin take to dry?

You are advised not to walk on our resin surfaces for a minimum of 24 hours after installation, although we recommend a minimum of 48 hours.

What is a decorative resin surface?

In simple terms, it is where resin and decorative aggregate are combined to create an attractive finish to the surface. Harbron Home Improvements has a whole range of colours available to personalise your resin surface.

Is there a guarantee/warranty?

There is a 10 year guarantee with all resin surfaces. For full details, please see our full resin surface terms and conditions/warranties for details.

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