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Resin Swimming Pool Surrounds

Resin bound swimming pool surrounds are a designer’s dream. Because of its versatility and unique features, resin is now widely considered as the surface of choice for outdoor and indoor swimming pool surrounds.

  • Highly decorative - Versatile and colourful, it’s a designer’s dream. By mixing colours and textures, you can define specific areas, create patterns, motifs and even logos.
  • Cost effective - Life expectancy of more than 25 years if maintained properly.
  • Fast installation – Resin can be laid onto many existing surfaces without the need to excavate or groundwork (provided the base is stable and structurally sound).
  • A much safer alternative - Non-slip because of its optimum grip property; no sharp broken slabs or ceramic.
  • Comfortable and smooth, resin bound gravel stays cool even when sun-drenched, so it won’t scorch your feet when you walk onto it barefoot. It’s a smooth, even surface with no loose stones.
  • Low maintenance – It’s stain resistant and debris are easily washed away. You only need a quick power wash twice a year to keep the surface in pristine condition.
  • Permeable or sealed finish.
  • Camouflage unsightly drains and filters with resin, too, so they can more easily blend in with their surroundings.
  • Build ramps to improve easy access for pushchairs, cycles and wheelchairs.
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