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Tarmac driveway surfacing

Thinking of installing a tarmac driveway? You’ve come to the right place!

Tarmac is traditionally the go-to surface for driveways because it’s relatively low-cost and requires little maintenance. It offers the benefit of being able to drive or walk onto the surface within a couple of hours of completion. Although it’s not as high-performance or as aesthetically-pleasing as ​resin​, tarmac driveways still have their place in the modern world.

Tarmac is weather-resistant and inherently porous to allow water drainage. It can sustain heavy loads and should remain pristine for at least 5 years, provided it's properly maintained.

Installing tarmac driveways

Tarmac surfacing is a straightforward process that happens in three stages. You can normally lay a tarmac driveway within a single day, depending on the condition of the existing surface.

We can beautify your ​tarmac ​driveway even further by adding paving and pretty edges to delineate and create a pleasing contrast.

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